Now, could I leave you pass this weekend without completing the menù with something sweet?
Naturally, after delicious, but filling starter (Risotto) and that delicate and healthz main dish (Chicken and Zucchini Meatballs), what follows is a totally non-traditional, refreshing and above all, LIGHT Tiramisù, that anyone, experienced or non, cook or baker, can prepare, in any occasion.
All you need is a few simple ingredients.
Mascarpone cheese is substituted with much lighter and healthier Greek yogurt. And not only, combined with the orange zest, it brings lots of freshness that your taste buds will appreciate. Eggwhites only, instead of whole eggs.
A whole new Tiramisù experience. Served individually in glasses, makes it ideal for any occasion.

(*easy **Preparation - 15 minutes ***2 servings - 185 cal/serving)

8 thin savoiardi or lady fingers
1/2 cup strong coffee
170 g low fat Greek yogurt
1 egg white
1 organic orange
40 g powdered sugar
cocoa for sprinkling

Beat the eggwhite with sugar until firm. The test: Turn the mixing bowl upside down. If it doesn't fall out, you've done a good job :)

Whisk the yogurt with finely grated orange zest of half an orange (make sure you leave one half ungrated so you can use it for decoration).

Add the beaten egg white to the yogurt and mix delicately with a wooden spoon or a spatula.

Prepare two glasses.
Break two savoiardi so that they fit to the bottom of your glass. Soak them a little in coffee and place in the glass. Do the same with the other glass.

Pour part of the yogurt mixture in each glass.
Squeeze the juice from half the orange (the half that you grated the zest from)and soak the remaining savoiardi.
Place them over the cream.

Put the rest of the cream over the savoiardi layer, cover the glasses with a piece of plastic wrap and leave them in the fridge for at least one hour.

Before serving, sprinkle some cocoa powder on top and decorate with thin orange slices.

There you go, a perfectly simple, easy and quick dessert.

I'm sending this entry to FrancescaV for her Tiramisù collection along with my Cherry Tiramisù published a while ago.
Have you got a favourite, non-traditional Tiramisù recipe?

I'm also sending it to DUE BROCCOLE IN CUCINA for their Egg Whites Only Recipes.

(*facile **preparazione 15 min. *** per 2 persone - 185 cal/porzione)

Dopo il primo e secondo, non potevo non postarvi anche il dessert preparato domenica scorsa.
Che ne ditte di un Tiramisù? Però, non quello classico. Uno leggero, fresco, profumato all'arancia.

8 pavesini
1/2 tazza di caffè
170 g di yogurt greco magro
1 albume
1 arancia non trattata
40 g di zucchero a velo
cacao in polvere

Montate l'albume con lo zucchero a velo fino a ottenere una meringa lucida e soda.
Mescolate lo yogurt con la scorza grattugiata di metà arancia.
Unite i due composti mescolando delicatamente.
Preparate due bicchieri. Mettete due pavesini, spezzettati e immersi nel caffè freddo, sul fondo di ogni bicchiere.
Distribuite metà della crema tra i due bicchieri.
Spremete il succo dalla metà arancia che avete grattugiato e immergetevi i pavesini rimasti. Appoggiateli sopra la crema, versateci il resto della crema sopra. Coprite i bicchieri con la pellicola trasparente e lasciateli in frigo per un'ora.
Prima di servire, cospargete con il cacao e decorate con le fettine sottili di arancia (ricordate? vi è rimasta metà arancia).

Con questa ricetta partecipo a due raccolte:
La prima è organizzata da DUE BROCCOLE IN CUCINA - L'Ovetto a Metà.

La seconda, da FrancescaV - Tiramisù.

Vorrei aggiungere anche il mio Tiramisù di Cilliegie, postato non molto tempo fa. Fatte un clic sulla foto, vi porterà alla ricetta.

(*lako **Priprema - 15 minuti ***2 porcije - 185 cal/porciji)

Lagan i neobičan tiramisu. S puno manje masnoće i kalorija od onog tradicionalnog. Zapravo je osvježavajuć i ukusan nakon sigurno obilnijih obroka koje jedemo s dolaskom hladnijeg vremena.

8 tankih piškota
1 bjeljanjak
140 g grčkog jogurta
40 g šećera u prahu
1 neprskana naranča
kakao za posipanje
1/2 šalice jake kave

Umutite čvrsto bjeljanjak sa šećerom u prahu.
Operite dobro naranču, naribajte sitno koricu jedne polovice i umiješajte u jogurt.
Pažljivo izmiješajte jogurt i bjeljanjke.
U dvije čaše stavite po dvije izlomljene piškote natopljene u jakoj hladnoj kavi.
Stavite preko njih polovicu smjese od jogurta i bjeljanjaka.
Iscijedite sok od pola naranče pa njime nakapajte preostale piškote.
Rasporedite ih po kremi.
Na vrh stavite ostatak kreme.
Pokrijte čaše prozirnom folijom i ostavite u hladnjaku najmanje 1 sat.
Pospite kakaom i ukrasite kriškicama naranče.


  1. Geazie per l'idea...ho giusto dello yogurt!!

  2. Looks delicious! I love making tiramisu and have never thought to sub the mascarpone for greek yogurt. I'll have to try it soon.

  3. I love Tiramisu...well, who doesn't?!
    Creamy, rich, mellow texture of this cheesecake has always been my favourite.
    Tiramisu in a glass makes the serving easier.

    Angie's Recipes

  4. che tiramisù originale!!!!! buono l'accostamento dell'arancia e dello yogurt!!!!

  5. Jess will absolutely LOVE this! I can't wait to show her. Maybe she'll make ME some???

  6. oh wow this is awesome love the addition of the orange will tweet this one, maybe we could use this as a guest post? hint love ya

  7. This is a tiramisu recipe I would be brave enough to make! It looks so delicious and not too difficult to put together. :D

  8. Who would have thought that tiramisu could be light? You did a great job lightening it up - was that your intention or did you just use the ingredients you had? I love how it looks in the glass!

  9. *Michele, I did it on purpose. I know I'll sound strange, but I'm not such a great fan of classical tiramisù. So this sounded like a really good idea.
    *Go ahead, Kim, I'm sure you can do this.
    *Rebecca, you're so sweet.
    *Now, DD, that's a good idea. Let me know what she thought of this tiramisù
    *Grazie, Pasquy, è davvero rinfrescante
    *Angie, I liked this one, especially because it's easy to make the quantity that you actually need, not having to eat it whole week
    *Cathy, let me know if you do.
    *Alice, spero che ti sia piaciuto

  10. Oh, orange tiramisu...YUM! I love them in the individual glasses, what a fun idea :D And portion control, too, LOL.

  11. What a great idea to use yogurt! I bet the orange flavor is delicious with the coffee.

  12. Ciao Dajana! Ma che buono! Non ho mai pensato di usare lo yogurt.

  13. fantastico questo tiramisù, adoro i dolci al cucchiaio! baci

  14. grazie per avere partecipato, oltre che molto bella da vedere questa ricettina, dev'essere anche buonissima ;))

  15. A light tiramisu? Awesome, I have to try it.

  16. Hi Dajana! Wow authentic Italian tiramisu! So hard to find the real deal here in the States....gotta make this one for a special occasion! Thank you for leaving such a kind reply on 'commenting' on my blog. I posted it along with the others and have an award for you as a gift for replying that is back on my blog. Come on over to pick it up and HAVE a bella giorno (my Italian is very bad!) XOXO Roz

  17. I think I've only had tiramisu once, not that long ago. The orange sounds sooo very good.

  18. Sublimeeeeeeeeeeee.......da provare assolutamente!!

  19. I'm always looking for more good dessert recipes. It's one of the areas I need to work on, especially for dinner parties. Who wouldn't love
    Tiramisu and you've made it look so easy.....many thanks.

  20. Grazie mille, le tue due ricette sono veramente belle e mi immagino buonissimo SLURP :-P


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