Sinking dessert

My scattered brains sometimes just need to be picked up and shaken before use. If someone else was using it, that is to say. But since it's just the two of us, me and my poor little head, cooking misadventures happen often.
You're probably wondering what it is that I forgot to do?
First - I made some gumpaste yesterday that I'll need this week. And guess what? I put a double quantity of powdered sugar (later I blamed it on measures being in pounds and not kilograms) but left other ingredients single. When I started mixing the stuff I realised there was something wrong and in order not to waste all that sugar, doubled the rest. Now I have enough gumpaste to make the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
Today, after a lovely Sunday lunch, angry with my kids because they wouldn't eat anything, I decided to prepare this easy, quick dessert to cheer myself up. I knew I wanted to cut the recipe in half, but forgot to cut ALL the ingredients in half, so I cut the peaches and sugar, but still used 1/2 kg yogurt and a whole egg white. I realised that only when I started wondering why my cream wasn't as dense as the one in the picture. Yes, right, genius, you should have cut everything in half, not only half of the ingredients.

Have you had any measuring misadventures recently or it's something happening only to me?

It is still an interesting recipe, hope you can do better than me.

(4 servings, 125 cal/serving)

6 yellow peaches
500 g yogurt (dense, plain, low fat yogurt)
1 egg white
30 g powdered sugar
fresh mint leaves (I didn't have any)

Boil the peaches for 1 minute and let them cool.

Peel the skin and cut them into small pieces.

Place half of the peaches and half the yoghurt (add the mint as well if you like it and if you have any) into a blender and process just until smooth. Hopefully it won't be this liquid.

Distribute the other half of peaches into glasses,

pour the yogurt-peaches cream over them.

Beat the egg white with powdered sugar until firm. Gently mix in the rest of the yogurt and distribute on top. Decorate with peaches. That's when the white cream on top started sinking and I had to rescue it... with a spoon...

("Cucina Moderna")

Una ricetta veloce e semplice, ma sono riuscita a sbagliare lo stesso.
Volevo preparare solo la metà, però mi sono distratta e ho messo la quantità intera dello yogurt. Il risultato era una crema un po' troppo liquida.
Penso comunque che sia una ricettina che merita un po' di attenzione e vela propongo lo stesso.

(per 4 persone, 125 cal/porzione)

6 pesche gialle
500 g di yogurt magro denso
1 albume
30 g di zucchero a velo
un mazzetto di menta

Scottate le pesche in acqua bollente per un minuto. Lasciatele raffreddare, sbucciatele e tagliatele a pezzetti.
Distribuite metà delle pesche in 4 bicchieri.
Frullate le pesche rimaste con metà dello yogurt e la menta, e distribuite la crema nei bicchieri.
Montate a neve ferma l'albume con lo zucchero e poi unite delicatamente con l'altra metà dello yogurt. Distribuite sopra la crema di pesche.
Decorate con le pesche.


Svi se mogu zbuniti i pogriješiti, ali smiješno je kad vam se to dogodi s ovako jednostavnim receptom i 4-5 sastojaka. Ali događa se (i pametnijima od mene). Tako sam danas htjela prepoloviti recept, ali sam stavila zabunom cijelu količinu jogurta pa sam dobila kremu puno rjeđu nego je trebala biti.

(za 4 osobe, 125 cal/ porciji)

6 bresaka
500 g jogurta
1 bjeljanjak
30 g šećera u prahu
svježa menta

Prokuhajte breskve u ključaloj vodi 1 minutu. Ostavite ih da se ohlade, pa ih ogulite i narežite na kockice.
Rasporedite polovicu bresaka u 4 čaše.
Izmiksajte drugu polovicu bresaka s pola yogurta i listićima mente.
Rasporedite kremu u čaše preko bresaka.
Umutite čvrst snijeg od bjeljanjka i šećera, pa pomiješajte s ostatkom jogurta. Ukrasite čaše bijelom kremom i komadićima breskve.


  1. It has happened to me too, many times actually. And I also found a solution: writing down the hald recipe ingredients, so this way I am only looking at the right list of ingredients in the right quantities.

  2. haha...I've done stuff like that. My 17 yr old daughter did it recently too so we don't have to blame it on age or motherhood. (we're actually normal? LOL). It looks like a great recipe and pretty even though it may be off balance with the ingredients. I bet this would be good with bananas and strawberries too :)

  3. *Thanks, Cat, I'll start doing that, as I often cut recipes in half.

    *Phew, Danielle, I feel better now.
    I'm sure this would work well with any fruit.

  4. che bella ricetta... gustosa e rapidsissima!!!! posso avere una coppetta tutta per me????

  5. Un dessert che non ti fa venire i sensi di colpa a mangiarlo! Gstoso ma leggero e poco una parola:perfetto!!!!!!!!

  6. Ha! I do that all the time. I did it with a cake recently and it was just horrible. I didn't even take pictures. The cream looks great, even if not as thick as you wanted.

  7. I do it all the time, too. Your dessert still looks delicious!

  8. Oh girl I've been there too many times to count! As for the gumpaste, double wrap it in plastic wrap, but it in a ziplock baggy, and save it for next time. The stuff has a very long shelf life!

  9. This sounds delicious with peaches in them! I've had some things not turn out so good lately. More than I care to remember.


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