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Apricot Lemon Curd

I wonder if anyone noticed my absence from the blog, probably not, but in case you were wondering what happend, I'm still live and kicking as you can see on my Instagram profile as well, and the quantity of food I cook, the cakes and breads I bake is probably bigger than ever. But time I dedicate to the blog has vanished. I can't concentrate long enough to sit and write a blog post, for one, and my photographs are suffering due to the lack of camera, I hate the photos I take with my phone, because they look great only on my phone, when I look at them on my computer they look dead, lifeless. So to solve both problems, I had to dig into archive and find something made last year, with nice photos I could actually publish on the blog, and a simple enough recipe to share so I didn't have to spend long hours writing and editing. I'll admit, I was often tempted to stop writing in three languages, but couldn't decide which two to discard :-) Anyway, a few days ago I

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