The kindergarten party - checked!

These are the cookie platters we took to Christmass party at my daughter's kindergarten yesterday. She was so proud of her mom's work because her "mom is the best cook and baker ever" [blush, blush].
I was glad the 3-day-baking session, with 10 different types of cookies baked, was over (sure I didn't take everything there, it would have been too much, but wanted to have a variety of choice).
What made me sad and pretty angry, though, was seeing how easy most other parents took it, bringing thousand bags of potato chips and pop corn. I'm sure you're guessing what kids ate :(((( I try real hard to keep my kids away from unhealthy eating habbits and this is what I get. At least it's only once a year.

The happiest moment for kids, of course, was when Santa arrived. They sang, they laughed and were so excited.

I suppose you're wondering what was on my cookie platters?

One - inevitable, always requested, and my favourite Orange Blossom Cookies (it's an old picture, they were gone before I could dress them in Christmas clothes)

Two - crunchy, caramel pleasure, Caramel Filled Cookies (with chocolate caramels this time)

Three - chocolatey, snowy, perfectly Christmass-y cookies, Chocolate Crinkles

Four - more chocolate, why not?, Chocolate Amaretti

Five - something delicate and fragrant, Citrus Scented Crescent Cookies

Six - another simple and orange scented cookie, White Chocolate and Orange Glazed Cookies

Seven - soft and delicious, my husband's favourite, Cream Cheese Bells

Eight - their name says it all, Melting Moments (went for the classical form this time)

Nine - a Christmass recipe from Finland, Finnish Sticks (Suomalaiset Puikot)

Ten - last thing baked and not even photographed, but deliciously creamy, with very delicate cinnamon scent (definitely making them again), Cinnamon Rosettes


Ieri sono partiti i primi piatti che ho partato alla festa all'asilo di mia figlia.
Ecco l'elenco (le ricette ancora non pubblicate arriverano in seguito.

1 -
Biscotti al profumo di arance
2 -
Biscotti ripieni di caramelle
3 - Chocolate Crinkles
4 - Amaretti al cioccolato
5 - Mezzelune agli agrumi
6 - Biscotti con la glassa al cioccolato bianco e arancia
7 - Campanellini al formaggio cremoso
8 -
Melting moments
9 - Bastoncini finlandesi
10 - Rosette alla cannella (foto e ricetta in seguito)


Neke od recepata sam već ranije objavila, ostali će stići.

1 -
Narančini keksi
2 - Keksi punjeni karamelama
3 - Chocolate Crinkles
4 - Čokoladni amaretti
5 - Polumjeseci s mirisom naranče i limuna
6 - Keksi s glazurom od bijele čokolade i naranče
7 - Zvončići s krem sirom
8 -
Melting Moments
9 - Finski štapići
10 - Ružice s cimetom (još stigla posebno slikati, ali tu su na tanjuru, u prvom planu)


  1. Bas si bila vredna... svi keksici izgledaju predivno...

  2. Your baked treats look absolutely beautiful! I can see why your daughter thinks her mom is the best baker! I hope you are serving up plenty of hot coffee and inviting your friends over to enjoy.

  3. How sweet to hear how proud your daughter is of her mommy! Your cookies look fantastic as always! Merry Christmas!

  4. I tuoi biscottini di natale sono troppo deliziosi!!!!

  5. wow, ne mogu se odluciti koji su bolji i ljepsi!! svaka cast!

  6. everything looks so wonderful! isn't it so irritating when people just take the easy way out and bring store bought stuff? You done good Mom!!!

  7. Svasta si pripremila.Crinkles obošavam!

  8. What a gorgeous and delicious cookie platter Dajana! Your daughter is right!

  9. They are all wonderful! I wanna go back to Kindergarten..... but only if your gonna bake cookies for my class.. ;)

  10. Ma brava! Ma che brava! Bravissima!
    Adoro il Natale e tutto che viene insieme col Natale.
    Jako ste me razveselili svojim blogom.
    Studirala sam talijanski i sva sam, već zadnjih 25 godina života, zaljubljena u Italiju, umjetnost, zemlju a u kuhinju...


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