Sunday lunch - part 2

So after the delicious starter we had on Sunday, the Linguine with Saffron Zucchini, we had equally delicious and citrus scented chicken. Normally I don't have pasta and potatoes in the same meal (both belong to the carbohydrates group), but well, it was Sunday lunch, and roast chicken isn't the same without potatoes, right? And if you have an Italian family, you cannot omit the pasta either :-)
I have no idea how much this weighed in terms of calories, but it was perfect. Make sure you don't remove the skin before cooking the chicken or it will get dry.
This is definitely going to be on our menu often. The only change I'd probably do, would be to remove the skin, dredge in flour mixture, and then wrap the skin around and tie together.


4 chicken thighs
5 rosemary twigs
1 lemon
bell pepper (or two)
a few cloves of garlic
salt, pepper, poultry seasoning
1 tblspoon flour + 1 tblsp breadcrumbs + 1 tblsp grated Parmigiano cheese
Olive oil

With a sharp knife, carefully remove the bones from the chicken thighs but leave the skin on.
Season the chicken on both sides (salt, pepper, poultry seasoning).
Put a little finely grated lemon zest and a (washed and dried) rosemary twig on each thigh.

Roll the meat aroung the rosemary twig and tie thightly with a piece of twine/string (I had a bit of difficulty finding the right term for this, perhaps it's not commonly used in America?)

Mix the flour, breadcrumbs and finely grated Parmigiano in a plate, and dredge the thighs.

Place them in an oiled roasting pan (even better, line the pan with baking paper, you'll need less oil).
Wash, peel and cut potatoes. Mine were pretty small so I cut them in four. The point is to cut them the right size so that they need more or less the same time to bake as the chicken.
Place the potato chunks around the chicken, add a few cloves of garlic and a rosemary twig. Drizzle a little oil on top of everything. Put the pan in an already warm oven at 220°C.

Wash and chop the bell peper(s). I found these little guys in my garden. They were really small (about 2,5-3 cm / 1" approx.) but so cute and tasty.

Add the chopped peppers to the meat and potatoes when they are half done (even last 10 minutes will be enough, 'cause mine almost melted away).

I don't know how long it took for the meat and potatoes to be done, I checked with a fork, and when everything was nice crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, I took the pan out of the oven.

Remove the garlic and rosemary, and the string you used to tie the chicken as well. For this chicken to be salubrious, definitely remove the skin, although it's so tasty and crispy that you'll be sorry to do that.
So that was the main dish that followed the Linguine with Saffron Zucchini I presented in my previous post.
Buon appetito!


Domenica scorsa, dopo un bel piatto di pasta (Linguine con zucchine grigliate), sano e leggero, ci siamo goduti questo pollo squisito e profumato al limone e rosmarino. E, che pollo sarebbe senza qualche patata, in più profumata con i peperoni?

4 sovracoscie
5 rametti di rosmarino
1 limone
qualche spiccio d'aglio
sale, pepe
1 cucchiaio di farina + 1 cucchiaio di pangrattato + 1 cucchiaio di Parmigiano grattugiato
Olio EVO

Disossate le sovracoscie, però lasciate la pelle.
Insaporite la carne con il sale e qualsiasi altro insaporitore che usate di solito.
Mettete un po' di scorza di limone grattugiata e un rametto di rosmarino su ogni sovracoscia. Arrotolatele e legate con un pezzo di spago da cucina.
Mescolate la farina con il pangrattato e il parmigiano e rotolateci le sovracoscie dentro.
Mettete la carne in una teglia o pirofila unta di olio.
Pelate e tagliate le patate a pezzi non troppo grandi (io avevo le patate medie e le ho tagliato in quattro). Salatele e pepate a piacere, e distribuitele intorno alle sovracoscie. Metteteci anche un rametto di rosmarino e qualche spicchio d'aglio.
Infornate nel forno già caldo a 220°C circa.
Tagliate i peperoni a pezzettini e aggiungeteli alle patate a metà cottura.
Prima di servire, togliete l'aglio e rosmarino.


Nakon krasne i lagane tjestenine (Linguine s mirišljavim tikvicama), prošle sam nedjelje za ručak poslužila i ovu piletinu s mirisom limuna i ruzmarina. A piletina bez krumpira nije piletina, uz to je još i koja svježa paprika iz mog vrta upotpunila ovo mirisno jelo.

4 pileća nadbataka
5 grančica ruzmarina
1 limun
svježa paprika
nekoliko češnjeva bijelog luka
sol, papar, vegeta
1 žlica brašna
1 žica mrvica
1 žlica ribanog parmezana

Odstranite kosti nadbatacima, ali ostavite kožu.
Posolite i povegetite meso s obje strane.
Stavite malo fino naribane korice limuna i grančicu ruzmarina na svaki nadbatak. Savijte ga i zavežite komadom kuhinjske špage.
Pomiješajte brašno, mrvice i parmezan pa uvaljajte nadbatake sa svih strana.
Stavljajte ih u nauljenu tepsiju ili vatrostalnu posudu.
Krumpir ogulite i narežite na komade (ne prevelike, ja sam ih rezala na četiri dijela jer su bili srednje veličine).
Začinite krumpir po želji (sol, papar, vegeta) i rasporedite oko nadbataka.
Dodajte i preostalu grančicu ruzmarina i nekoliko češanja bijelog luka.
Pecite u već zagrijanoj pećnici na oko 220°C.
Paprike operite i posušite, narežite na komadiće i dodajte krumpiru i mesu kad su napola pečeni (dovoljno je i zadnjih 10 minuta).
Prije posluživanja odstranite bijeli luk i ružmarin.

Zahvaljujem Anarad koja je isprobala recept i poslala sliku.


  1. adoro il poi lo prepari così è eccezionale!

  2. questo piatto é stuzzicantissimo!!!
    deve essere squisito!!!
    grazie ed un caro saluto

  3. wow these is a fab recipe oh and your right, potatoes are great with this

  4. Let's forget about the calorie and enjoy these delicious roasted chicken!

    Angie's Recipes

  5. Che belle queste ricette domenicali !!

  6. YEAH!!! I new chicken recipe I can try! sounds so good...I'm drooling

  7. Looks wonderful!! A great Sunday comfort meal!

  8. It looks divine!!! I loved the addition of the little bell peppers from your garden. It's 1:41 AM and now I am starving!!! LOL

  9. I love chicken and potatoes! I've seen chicken wrapped around rosemary like that before but worried that it was be very strong. What do you think? I like rosemary but not in abundance.

    By the way, we use kitchen twine here. Butchers definitely use it a lot.

  10. * Same here, Michele. Let's say that you feel it's there but more on the inside part. Since there was lemon zest as well, I think rosemary didn't get a chance to prevail. Besides I pulled it out when the chicken was done.
    Thanks for the hint on kitchen twine. I use it a lot, and I wanted to help Danielle with wrapping and rolling but wasn't sure if I was using the right term

    * Thanks, everyone else.

    *Federica, Roberto e Natalia, grazie, a domenica prossima


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