A salad that saved my day

I couldn't think of a better title for this post.
Yesterday was one of those days when I just felt in one of those moods when everything seems wrong and annoying, and yet, for no particular reason.
It was a perfectly normal day: took the dog for a walk, took the kids to the nearby park and let them play for an hour and half, got back home and made some lunch for them. Maybe that was the problem. LUNCH. For weeks now, every time I ask them what they want for lunch, the answer is the same: White pasta. Translation: Pennette ai 4 formaggi (4 cheese pennette). I've said "Basta White Pasta" so many times that I got tired of hearing myself repeat it on and on. If I serve them anything else, they refuse to eat.
As long as they eat... but that means I need to prepare something different for myself. And cooking for one is not really my passion.
So, yesterday, after the kids were fed, I was a bit tired, not in the mood for anything in particular.
A peep in the fridge... started taking things out and laying them on the kitchen table... brainstorming... it was getting late... let's try a salad...
That's how this salad was born. The only thing I looked up was the yogurt dressing. It was so thick, but tasty enough to put me back in good mood, especially after the kids were off to have their nap.
The quantity of ingredients is entirely up to you, depends on how many people you'll be feeding. I was alone...


More or less, the same quantity of the following ingredients:

Feta cheese

Yogurt dressing:
A handful of hazelnuts
4 tablespoons EVOO
1/2 lemon
150 g low fat Greek yogurt

Cut zucchini, fennel and bread into thin slices and brush them with little oil.
Chop or dice all other ingredients.

Heat your grilling pan and grill zucchini, fennel and bread shortly, just until grilling marks appear. Let them cool.

Rub the bread with a halved garlic clove and dice it. Put half of the bread crostini into a salad bowl. Mix all the other ingredients, place them over the crostini and top with the rest of crostini.

For the dressing, blend together a handful of peeled hazelnuts, 3-4 tablespoons of EVOO, fresh juice from half a lemon, and the Greek yogurt. Pour over the salad and enjoy.
It might save your day, too.


Ho usato piu o meno la stessa quantità di seguenti ingredienti:

Pomodorini Piccadily
Formaggio Feta
Olive nere denocciolate
Pane (baguette)

Per la salsa di yogurt:
Una manciata di nocciole spellate
4 cucchiai di olio EVO
Succo di mezzo limone
150 g di yogurt Greco magro

Tagliate le zucchine, finocchio e pane a fettine sottili. Spennellate con un po' di olio e cuocete nella bistecchiera ben calda.
Lasciate raffreddare.
Tagliate a metà uno spicchio d'aglio a strofinate le fettine di pane. Tagliate poi il pane a dadini.
Tagliate i pomodori, i cetrioli, la feta e le olive a dadini e unite alle zucchine e finocchio.
In un'insalatiera mettete metà dei crostini di pane, le verdure, e poi il resto dei crostini.
Preparate la salsa: Frullate insieme le nocciole, l'olio, succo di limone e lo yogurt. Versatela sopra l'insalata, aggiungete un sorriso e godetevi il resto della giornata.


Pripremite manje više istu količinu sljedećih sastojaka:

Crne masline
Sir feta
Kruh (najbolje francuz)

Za umak od jogurta:

Šaku lješnjaka
4 žlice maslinovog ulja
Sok pola limuna
150 g grčkog jogurta

Narežite tikvice, komorač i kruh na ploškice. Nauljite s obje strane. Pecite u dobro zagrijanoj tavi nekoliko minuta. Ostavite da se ohlade. Prerežite napola jedan češanj češnjaka i natrljajte njime kriške kruha, pa ih narežite na kockice.
Narežite rajčice, krastavce, sir i masline na kockice.
U zdjelu za salatu stavite polovicu kockica kruha, povrće i ostatak kruha.
Za umak, izmiksajte oguljene lješnjake, ulje, limunov sok i jogurt. Prelijte salatu i poslužite.


  1. oh bless you I know it can be hard with little ones, luckily jasmine is eating better again for a while all she would eat was pasta as well, great salad lol rebecca

  2. A great refreshing salad...it would have saved my day if I could have some too . ;-)

    Angie's Recipes

  3. L'insalata è bella ricca, ma la salsina di accompagnamento è superlativa! Adesso me l'annoto subto!

  4. che bella insalatona appetitosa e gustosa...da leccarsi i baffi!

  5. Hazelnut yogurt dressing? That sounds wicked good! :D

  6. Looks great! I love grilled zucchini!

  7. For hosting Cooking for kids event, pls email me to cookingforkidsevent@gmail.com

  8. This is delicious! Love that thick and creamy dressing!

  9. Great salad! I bet the grilling added nice flavor!

  10. Ottima ! E ti capisco perfettamente !!!

  11. Oh, that's a delicious combo! And believe me, I totally have days like that...you cooked your way out of it- perfect :)

  12. ciao cara Dajana, bentornataaaa!!!
    ma quante belle ricette che mi son persa, qui sotto ce ne sono di golosissimeeeee.... già allo'opera, brava!

  13. you wouldn't hear me complain if you served that to me for lunch and I'd gladly take a nap without whining :) haha....looks fantastic and the dressing....hazelnuts? YUM!!!

  14. Dajana, it looks so good! There is nothing like a fresh salad to change your outlook!

    P.S. I thought I had lost my mind. There is another Cathy following you---I didn't think I had commented on this yet!LOL


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