Looking back at 2014

Fettine Langarole  Torta Paradiso  Chai  Coconut Chocolates  Coconut Milk Cake   Almond and Apple Puff Rolls  Crumble Apple Slices  Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns  Candied orange cream with honey and vanilla  Chocolate chip cookies with spelt flour  Cherry Sorbet  Lemon Pastry Cream Tart  Eton Mess with Raspberries and Red Currants  Brioche buns with egg whites  Gelato Fior di latte  Ferratelle / Pizzelle / Cancelle  Chocolate Zucchini Cake  Ricotta and Blueberry Squares  Sweet yeast buns with jam   Coffee and spice flavoured loaf cake  Hazelnut ravioli cookies  Kefir, Coconut and Lemon Curd Bundt Cake  Sourdough Doughnuts with Yogurt  Lemon Curd Crostata  Pumpkin and Tangerine Pudding  Chocolate Meringue Cake  Sesame Brittle  Devil's double choc malt cookies  Hazelnut cake  Dulce de leche rolls  Carrot crescents with plum jam  Walnut, cinnamon and cardamom kipferl  Japanese Cotton Soft Cheesecake

 Roasted Cauliflower   Sourdough crackers  White beans and roasted cauliflower cream of soup  Quinoa and Vegetable Patties  Focaccia  Warm Roast Cauliflower, Chickpea and Quinoa Salad  Asparagus and ricotta pie  Kamut Khorasan Flour Sourdough Bread  Homemade Tagliatelle  Pasta with creamy broccoli sauce  Yoghurt Roasted Chicken with Quinoa, Carrot and Fennel Slaw  Rosemary buns  Leek, fava beans and asparagus quiche  Spring minestrone  DSC_1626  Piadine  Baked feta cheese  Eggplant polpette  Homemade Tahini Paste  Baba Ghanoush  Cornmeal sourdough braids  Potato and Zucchini Stuffed Peppers  Soft (sandwich) buns  Monster buns  Fusilli with red radicchio, feta cheese and nuts  Red lentils, carrot and leek soup with quinoa  Sourdough bread with preferment  Ragù alla Bolognese  Smoked salmon mousse

So often we say or hear people say time flies too quickly. Looking back at all the recipes I published in 2014, I realized it really is so. Opening each of the recipes and looking at the pictures I felt as if it was only yesterday when I prepared and photographed those dishes. I remember them vividly also because some of those dishes entered my household and never left, they really became staple food in my kitchen.
I thought of making a list of my favourite dishes or those that you found most interesting (based on the number of views), but it would be like saying you prefer one of your children over the other two.
Therefore I decided to post this round up, in pictures, of all the recipes published on blog during 2014 (click on the pictures to see the recipes).
So you can all decide on your favourite ones, maybe catch up on those recipes you missed during the year or perhaps be reminded of the recipes that you particularly liked, but then forgot about them completely. It happens to me all the time.

As for myself, I'm very satisfied with the past year in terms only a foodie can understand. I experimented a lot. I tried new ingredients, lots of new recipes and I particularly improved my bread baking skills. Especially when it comes to baking with sourdough starter, which is kind of baking art in itself, much different from baking with yeast.

Wish you all a Happy New Year and don't forget to come back for more food. Enjoy cooking and baking, don't take it as something hard, or impossible, or obligatory. Put some love into everything you do, you'll get paid back.

aka Baker's Corner...Somwhere in my kitchen


  1. Vreme leti... istina je.
    Puno sreće, ljubavi, zdravlja, veselja i uspeha od <3 želim tebi i tvojim najmilijima u Novog godini.
    Srećna Nova godina!


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