Another Strudel - More Cherries - please don't hate me!

When i published my recipe for Cherry Tiramisù, my uncle Goran wrote me an e-mail, saying that my cousin is crazy about cherries and that she almost fainted when she saw the pictures. I guess the love runs in family. Only my cousin asked her father to plant two cherry trees in their garden, and my uncle was afraid he'd have to turn into a catman and go up the tree to pick up those sweeties. Hope you're safe, G.

Second thought for today. My husband rarely eats sweets, he's more of a pizza guy, but if there's a dessert he really likes, then it's fruit filled strudel (not sure, though if it's in the first place, or second after fresh fruit tart!?). However, he told me yesterday he'd have to comment on my Cherry strudel and I told him I hadn't pubblished that one yesterday. Of course, he wouldn't tell me what he'd say, and I'm a very impatient and curious person, so I hurried up to put the recipe up on my blog.

And, it's the first day of Summer, aren't you happy about that?

Oh, the recipe! Here we go.
Of course, I explained in detail how to make your own phyllo at home in my previous posts, so this time I'll cut short, and pass on to the filling. As I said in previous occasions, you can use storebought phyllo, if you prefer. I suggest you use 2-3 sheets, on top of each other, and each one brushed with oil or melted butter, before filling.

(it's not necessary that you follow exactly the quantities, increase to your pleasure)

1/2 kg of cherries
1 apple

Normally, I don't do anything with fruit before filling the strudel, just wash it, peel, pit, cut (depends on the fruit), but this time I decided to saute the cherries and apples before filling the strudel thinking that would help my strudel to "run" less. So I washed, pitted and halved the cherries, peeled and chopped the apple, put the fruit in a saucepan with a teaspoon of butter and (???) I think about 3 tblspoons of sugar and a little cinnamon, and sautèed everything for about 10 minutes.

There was a lot of liquid, so I actually had to drain them (not leaving them completely dry, however).
After that, I spread my phyllo dough, drizzled it with oil (you can use melted butter if you prefer), sprinkled some breadcrumbs all over it. Then I placed the fruit along one edge (not two like with the savoury strudel), sprinkled the fruit with more cinnamon and 1-2 tablespoons of cornstarch.
The reason why I placed the filling only on one side, was to prevent the strudel from becoming soggy, as fruit still had a lot of water in it.

The next thing, I cut off the thick edge of the dough (you don't have to worry about that with storebought phyllo) and rolled it up with the help of the tablecloth.

Line your baking tin with some baking paper (absolutely necessary), drizzle with oil or melted butter adn cut the strudel to the size of your tin. Carefully transfer the strudel into the tin, brush with oil / melted butter and bake for about 30 minutes at 175-180°C.

Final step. Wait for the strudel to cool down. Cut into chunks and serve. And ... it's hard not to eat any while taking pictures. Can you find the differences in these:

By the end of the photo session, the fourth piece was gone.

I'd like your opinion now. Which of these two would you like to see published next on my blog?
Saffron marinated zucchini risotto or Zucchini and red peppers quiche?


Se volete preparare la pasta fillo in casa, leggete i miei post precedenti, se invece volete un dessert più veloce usate la pasta fillo pronta. Se usate la pasta fillo pronta, unite due o tre strati insieme, ungendo ogni uno con del olio o burro.
Per il ripieno di ciliegie e mele ho usato:

1/2 kg di ciliegie
1 mela
cannella in polvere
amido di mais

Lavate e snocciolate le ciliegie, pelate e tagliate a pezzetti la mela. Mettete la frutta a cuocere con circa 3 cucchiai di zucchero (di più se vi piace più dolce) e un cucchiaino di burro, per 10 minuti circa.
Stendete la pasta fillo, spennellate con l'olio o burro, cospargete con un po' di pangrattato, distribuite la frutta lungo un lato. Con l'aiuto della tovaglia, arrotolate lo strudel e trasferitelo in una teglia foderata con la carta da forno (la carta è importantissima). Spennelate la superficie dello strudel con l'olio o burro e infornate per 30 minuti circa a 175-180°C.
Lasciate raffreddare, tagliate e servite.

Una domanda per tutti. Qualle di queste ricette vi piacerebbe vedere per prima:
Risotto con zucchine marinate o Quiche di zucchine e pepperoni? Votate...


Pripremite temeljno tijesto za savijače ili kupite gotove kore. Imate izbor.
Za ovu sam savijaču upotrijebila

1/2 kg trešanja
1 jabuku
škrobno brašno
krušne mrvice

Operite trešnje, izvadite koštice i prepolovite ih. Jabuku ogulite i narežite. Staviti kuhati trešnje i jabuke sa otprilike 3 žlice šećera (po želji i više) i žličicom maslaca otprilike 10 minuta. Ocijedite voće.
Razvucite tijesto, nauljite ga i pospite tankim slojem krušnih mrvica.
Rasporedite voće uz dulji rub, pospite cimetom i otprilike 2 žlice škrobnog brašna.
Savijte tijesto, narežite na dužinu tepsije. Premjestite u tepsiju obloženu papirom za pečenje, nauljite savijaču i pecite oko 30 minuta na 175-180°C. Ostavite da se ohladi, narežite i poslužite.


  1. Here I am! just few words, it was really
    D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!! I ate 5 in a row...hope not to reach 90 kilos...BRAVA DAJANA, I LOVE YOU and I am proud of you. Gaetano

  2. Isn't he just the sweetest husband I could wish for? Thanks, love

  3. I would love to have MORE cherries!

  4. Dajana, my husband loves cherries too, actually he loves all kinds of berries. A German dish called "Kirschenmichel', made from cherries and left-over hard rolls, very much like bread pudding, is one of his fav. dinner dishes. (yes, he doesn't care about the weight, not that he is thin, but he just doesn't care if he likes the food)

    p.s. Your husband is really sweet...that even came to here to tell the world that he enjoys so much of you and your dishes!!!

  5. Cherries and apples sounds perfect!

  6. io non so se lo hai visto , l'ho fatto tutto di ciliege, con la pasta fatta in casa tipo tirolo....nel caso avessi voglia di arrotolare ancora:DDD

  7. *Thanks, Angie and Peachkins.
    *Sì, Genny, ho letto la tua ricetta. Anch'io di solito la faccio solo con le ciliege, ma ho aggiunto le mele perche non ne avevo abbastanza.
    Rileggerò la tua ricetta per vedere la differenza tra la tua e la mia sfoglia (o fillo)
    La voglia di arrotolare c'è ancora.

  8. did your husband had something to be forgiven!? love simona

  9. Fantastico e buonissimo!!!! Complimenti Pasquy

  10. I bought my first bag of cherries yesterday and they are almost all gone. They are by far my favourite summer fruit. Your strudel looks fabulous! And yay! Happy first day of summer!

  11. The only hate is coming because you are taunting me with these gorgeous cherry desserts that I cannot reach out and grab! I want a big bite! They look delicious :)

  12. That looks sooo good!!! I think I'd like to see your quiche recipe next :)

  13. Oh...I forgot to mention that I love you new header!!

  14. Danielle, thanks for noticing my question, girl.

  15. Great photos! Looks like these turned out just beautifully!

  16. Awesome. Those look wicked good, I want some right now. Heh. I vote for quiche next, I need pointers. :)

  17. This looks yummy! I love cherries too!

    I think the quiche sounds good!

  18. There's absolutely nothing wrong with more cherry recipes! This looks soooo delicious!

    I'd like to see the zucchini risotto next! :D

  19. Thanks, so far the quiche is winning, but risotto will follow shortly after

  20. OOOOO Dajana, your killing me here...!! Dang those look good!!!! I vote for Risotto..... :)

  21. Had no doubt about that, Shane!

  22. These look heavenly!! And your husband so cute!

  23. Buonissimo,bisogna sbrigarsi a farlo, dato che le ciliege stanno per finire. Voto per il risotto. Ciao

  24. I don't mind more and more cherries! This strudel looks absolutely gorgeous and perfect. Question: How long does it take to prep those cherries? Sounds pretty labor-intensive!

  25. It didn't really take that long - I have a pitter, it's a great little tool - so it didn't take me more than 10 minutes

  26. I am loving this cherry recipe. I dont have many go to cherry recipes, so I appreciate these!


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