Every cloud has a Nutella lining

Ok, this cake was born after two flops, and with slight changes to the second recipe I used. If you don't believe me check these pictures:
The first one was a Light yogurt and apricot cake - a total flop. I took the pictures and then it flew into the garbage.

The second one was a little better but not as it was supposed to be. It was Key Lime Yogurt Cake with Raspberry Coulis Ribbon from Pieday, a Bakespace member. It was slightly edible and I was sorry to throw it away considering all the effort and how expensive raspberries are.

At that point I was disappointed and determined to make something everybody in my family would enjoy. Since it was Sunday, and all the shops are closed here on Sundays, I gathered the ingredients that were left after the first two attempts, and since I basicly decided it was the fault of bad baking powder I substituted it for self-raising flour. So the recipe that follows is based on the one for Key Lime Yogurt Cake, with some changes - less yogurt and Nutella instead of raspberry coulis. Which reminds me however, I do want to try that one again.


200 g all-purpose flour
200 g sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
4 medium sized eggs
50 ml vegetable oil
125 g yogurt
50 g mascarpone cheese

2-3 tablespoons Nutella
1-2 tablespoons milk

Separate the yolks from the whites, and whisk the whites with a pinch of salt until soft peaks form.
In a large bowl, whisk together the yolks with yogurt, mascarpone, sugar, oil and vanilla extract.

Sift in the flour, salt and baking powder and mix everything with a wooden spoon.
Gently and carefully fold in the egg whites.

Line a loaf pan with baking paper, butter and flour it, and pour in 2/3 of the batter.
If your Nutella is quite hard, warm it up in the microvawe oven for 30-60 seconds stirring often. However it is more likely it is quite soft and almost liquid considering the heat, so, just mix it with 1-2 tablespoons of milk or cream.
Distribute Nutella over the batter - evenly in a thin layer, and then cover with the rest of batter.

Bake in an oven preheated to 180°C for about 45-50 minutes (it will depend on the size of your loaf pan, so after the first 40 mins, start checking with a tester, and take out of the oven when it comes out clean and dry).
I have to say, this time it was quite a success with everyone in my family, especially my youngest daughter, Sara, who followed me around the house with her mouth wide open, waiting for a bite. I'm sure you can easily picture little birds in a nest waiting for their mom to throw in some food. I've made it several more times over the last few weeks and even turned the recipe into cupcakes.


200 g di farina
200 g di zucchero
2 cucchiaini di lievito per i dolci
1/2 cucchiaino di sale
1 cucchiaino di estratto di vaniglia
4 uova medie
50 ml olio di arachidi
125 g yogurt
50 g mascarpone

2-3 cucchiai di Nutella
1-2 cucchiai di latte

Separate i i bianchi dai tuorli, e montateli con un pizzico di sale a neve ferma.
Mescolate in un contenitore grande i tuorli con lo zucchero, yogurt, mascarpone, olio ed estratto di vaniglia. Setacciate la farina con il sale e lievito e aggiungete nel composto mescolando con un cucchiaio di legno.
Alla fine aggiungete anche i bianchi montati e incorporateli molto delicatamente per evitare che il dolce si sgonfi durante la cottura.
Preparate uno stampo lungo per il plum cake, foderatelo con la carta da forno, imburrate e infarinate. Versateci dentro circa 2/3 del composto. Distribuite in uno strato sottile la Nutella leggermente riscaldata se è troppo densa e mescolata con il latte. Copritela con il resto del composto e infornate a 180°C per 45-50 minuti circa. Controllate sempre con uno stuzzicadenti, che deve uscire completamente asciutto.


4 jaja
200 g brašna
2 žličice praška za pecivo
1/2 žličice soli
100 g jogurta
50 g sira mascarpone
200 g šećera
50 ml ulja
1 žličica ekstrakta vanilije
2-3 žlice nutelle
1 žlica mlijeka

Zagrijte pećnicu na 180°C. Pripremite duguljasti kalup za torte, obložite ga papirom za pečenje, namažite maslacem i pobrašnite.
Prosijte skupa brašno, sol i prašak za pecivo.
Odvojite žumanjke od bjeljanjaka, pa umutite bjeljanjke u čvrst snijeg.
Žumanjke miješajte drvenom kuhačom ili ručnom žicom (ne mikserom) sa šećerom, uljem, jogurtom, mascarponeom, i ekstraktom vanilije.
Lagano miješajući dodajte prosijano brašno.
Kad je smjesa sasvim glatka, vrlo pažljivo umiješajte snijeg od bjeljanjaka (pokretima od gore prema dolje, stružući po dnu), inače će u pečenju “potonuti”.
Istresite 2/3 tijesta u pripremljeni kalup. Zagrijte nutellu I pomiješajte s mlijekom, pa pažljivo istresite preko tijesta, po mogućnosti po cijeloj površini u tankom sloju. Istresite preko nutelle ostatak tijesta i pecite oko 45-50 minuta. Ne otvarajte pećnicu dok vam ne izgleda da je na površini pečen. Provjerite dugom čačkalicom (ili štapićem za ražnjiće) – zabodite je u sredinu, kolač je gotov kad je čačkalica sasvim suha.


  1. YUMMY! Another nutella cake! Your first one was excellent and now you used marscarpone....I bet this one is even better!

  2. Thanks, Michele, this one's totally different. No butter, and yogurt and mascarpone make it so soft and moist. I'm definitely voting it higher than my Marble cake

  3. I love mascarpone - and wow, with nutella I bet this cake is fabulous. It wouldn't last long at my house.

  4. It sure had short life at mine, Cathy.

  5. wow this looks great and with nutella its a winner

  6. Oh.....first one didn't look that bad...I had same experiences....and it really hurt that I had to throw it away....but I have learned something.
    However, the cake still could be used to make a crumble topping, or toast them dry and grind with other bread left over and use them as bread crumbs...they smell even better.

    Angie's Recipes

  7. Eccolo, buonissimo;è mio!! anzi, delle mie "cavallette"(figli e nipoti)

  8. I really have to get some of this Nutella! I have never tried it but your bread makes me want to run out and grab some right away!

  9. Oh man, I hate losing cakes. But your final one looks great! :)

  10. wow! that looks wonderful. Id love to have a slice with my afternoon coffee :)

  11. I wish we didn't have 35°C today, because I need to make it again.
    Kim, once you've tried Nutella you'll be putting it everywhere :))

  12. Complimenti davvero buono!!!! pasquy

  13. I'm sorry your first two didn't turn out the way you wanted them! But the Nutella one is a sure winner - so delicious - especially with the mascarpone!

  14. If at first you don't succeed....try, try Nutella!! LOL! Looks delicious :D

  15. By the way I changed my address to match the blog!


  16. in the badge please change dietitianforhire to chowandchatter thanks so so smuch Dajana love ya

  17. This sounds amazing. Yogurt gives cakes a very distinct lovely texture and Nutella...well, it's heaven. : ]

  18. Oh I almost missed this post! (I too am behind in blog reading) I'm so glad you worked it OUT girl. Looks soooo good. I can totally picture baby birds LOL


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