Tea with Pineapple Juice

Tea with Pineapple Juice

The last two days were quite cold. As if the autumn decided to strike all of a sudden, saying, "Ok, you've had enough of that mild, humid autumn weather." And the temperatures all of sudden dropped from 13-15°C to 0°C. I feel such a chill in my bones, I'm shaking all day long, even though I've pulled out the heaviest pullovers and jacket I have in my wardrobe.
All I can think about is "TURN ON THE OVEN" for some additional heat, "PREPARE A BOWL OF HOT SOUP" and I made some Pasta e faggioli yesterday for the great joy of my kids (seriously, my daughter said that was some awsome meal  ^__^ )... and how about a cup of tea?
I love tea, but somehow I don't have the habbit of making it regularly.
During my stay in England, tea had a totally different taste. Even when I brought the same tea with me on my way home, it just didn't taste the same any more. So, I kind of gave up looking for that perfectly brewed cup of tea, at least until I'm able to visit England again.
Last year I got in touch with the lady I worked for as an au-pair in the early '90s (Hi, Kate!) and I was amazed to see her three boys who were 4, 6 and 8 at the time, and now are fully grown up young men in their twenties. Boy, time really does fly.

The recipe I'm sharing with you today is not a common cup of tea. It is enriched with some cinnamon and clove, slices of citrus fruit and some pineapple juice. It is something probably more adapt for another (read "WARMER") time of the year, but it did suit me pretty well yesterday, too. Drank while still warm with a little delicate rosemary honey (from Sardinia) and a couple slices of a simple tea cake.
Stay warm  ^__

Tea with Pineapple Juice

Tea with Pineapple Juice

* 2 teabags of Earl Grey tea (or 3 teaspoons of leaf tea)
* 1 cinnamon stick
* 1 clove
* 4 slices of orange
* 4 slices of lemon
* 2 dl pineapple juice

Bring 3 dl of water with the cinnamon stick and the clove to a boil.
Add the tea bags (or leaves), cover and let sit for 3 minutes.
Add the orange and lemon slices and the pineapple juice (you may remove the tea bags or strain the tea to remove the tea leaves.
Mix in the pineapple juice and let it cool before serving. Sweeten with sugar or honey if you like.
You may serve this tea in the morning for breakfast or in the afternoon with a slice of cake or some cookies.

Tea with Pineapple Juice

Tè al ananas

* 2 bustine di tè Earl Grey
* 1 stecca di cannella
* 1 chiodo di garofano
* 4 fettine di arancia
* 4 fettine di limone
* 2 dl di succo d'ananas

Portate a ebollizione 3 dl di acqua con la cannella e il chiodo di garofano.
Aggiungete le bustine di tè, coprite e lasciate riposare 3 minuti.
Aggiungete le fettine di arancia e limone e il succo d'ananas.
Lasciate intiepidire, poi dolcificate con lo zucchero o miele e servite.
Ottimo a colazione o nel pomeriggio con qualche biscottino o fettina di plumcake.

Tea with Pineapple Juice

Čaj s ananasom

* 2 vrećice čaja Earl Grey
* 1 štapić cimeta
* 1 klinčić
* 4 kriške naranče
* 4 kriške limuna
* 2 dl soka od ananasa

Prokuhajte 3 dl vode sa štapićem cimeta i klinčićem.
Dodajte 2 vrećice čaja i ostavite poklopljeno 3 minute.
Dodajte kriške limuna i naranče i sok od ananasa u čaj, ostavite da se prohladi.
Zasladite po želji medom ili šećerom i poslužite ujutro uz doručak ili popodne uz komad kolača ili kekse.

Tea with Pineapple Juice


  1. un thè molto raffinato.. adatto al periodo natalizio..

  2. Looks like a great way to make yourself feel all warm and cozy. Sounds delicious.

  3. Molto confortante, e di certo buonissimo.
    Lo provo, sono una tè-dipendente ;-)

  4. Fenomenalno, ananas obozavam tako da mi ovo zvuci i izgleda predobro!

  5. Il tè all'ananas mi mancava proprio...che accostamento particolare.
    Farò la figura dell'ignorante ma sono troppo curiosa....ma che cosa è quell'affarino di metallo che si vede nelle foto?

  6. *elenuccia, è il cucchiaino per il miele (la stessa funzione che hanno quelli in legno, un po' ovali e rigati) ^__^

  7. ti si od čaja napravila pravi slasni napitak, koji pršti mirisima!! obožavam ananas!


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