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I've realised that recently I spend much more time in the kitchen cooking and very often taking photos of the food I've prepared, than actually talking about it on my blog and publishing those recipes.
I usually take pictures of most new dishes I make hoping that I'll eventually get to publish them... but it's not always the case. The result is a huge folder on my computer with lots of pictures that I've never shown around here.
So I thought I might give you a short tour through this weeks food folder.
This past week was particular. My husband and I decided to try eating a bit differently for a week. Differently in the sense that we wanted to try not eating any pasta, bread, pizza and similar bad carbs, especially sweets. Instead, our lunch and dinner were based mostly on proteins from meat, fish, cheese and legumes, with lots of vegetables in various forms, from soups to salads.
For me, as a cook in this household, it was rather pleasant and stimulating, although I spent lots of time searching for new recipes.
I tried using lots of seasonal vegetables in old and also new combinations.
We did not renounce completely on carbohydrates, but I did use mostly those with low glicemic index, except a carrot and a potato every now and then (always mixed with other vegetables).
The result is that I'm feeling so much better, lighter and I didn't miss bread and pasta as much as I thought I would.
What was more difficult for me was not baking any sweet treats... except one, but I considered that one acceptable, of course ^__^
It was an additionally busy week because I prepared three jams and three types of ice cream (for kids ^__^) as well.
Now, it is impossible for me write all those recipes even if  I published one recipe every day.
But... I can show you some pictures and you can help me decide which recipes to publish first (or never) by leaving a comment on this post.
Hope you enjoy it. Just tell me which of these would you grab first, and I might pass you some.

Let's start with some soups - we had a different one almost every day as a starter.
For example this Chicken and Vegetables Soup - I've made this one both with and without chicken and it's simply delicious. Green beans, peas, carrots, cauliflower, mushrooms and chicken.

Chicken and Vegetable Soup

or this Barley and Spring Legumes Soup - with fresh peas and fava beans

Barley and Spring Legumes Minestrone

When not in the mood for a soup, I made dishes like these, either as a starter of as a side dish,

Colourful Summer Bulgur - an excellent idea for summer

Colourful Summer Bulgur

or Millet and Vegetables Au Gratin - millet is combined with seasonal veggies (green beans, carrots, fennel and zucchini), mushrooms and  thyme. Great taste.

Millet and Vegetables au gratin

Main dishes...

Ham and Cheese Chicken Rolls - you would think it takes a lot of effort to prepare this, instead, it's really simple and quick to prepare. Lovely sour cream based sauce is perfect to give a little elegant touch to this dish.

Ham and Cheese Chicken Rolls

or Seabass with Herbs - rosemary, sage and thyme from my balcony, lemon and some good olive oil, that's the most simple and the best way of preparing this type of fish. Add some vegetables as a side and you'll have a superb dinner.

Seabass with Herbs

And finally... well deserved dessert...

Cherry and Strawberry Vanilla Crumble - crumble is such a great dessert, it's quick to make, it's tasty, and the warm fruit is so irresistible.

Cherry and Strawberry Vanilla Crumble

and the reward for a successful week...

Cherry and Apple Strudel - this is a recipe you can already find on my blog, love strudels, love cherries, how could I resist making it again?

Cherry and Apple Strudel

And just because it's Sunday, I'll offer you some Ice Cream...

Strawberry and Cream Cheese Ice cream - tried making it before, without an egg base, but this time made it with egg custard, and it was much tastier and creamier.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Gelato

Apricot Ice Cream - creamy, fruity and refreshing

Apricot Ice Cream

Orange Ice Cream with Chocolate Swirl - had planned on making it for quite a time, I think it's pretty good 

Orange Ice Cream with Chocolate Swirl

And jams... well, I love jamming ^__^
They'll be great to fill cookies, or enjoy with a slice of bread

Cherry and Cinnamon Jam - fantastic flavour

Cherry Cinnamon Jam

Strawberry Vanilla and Lemon Thyme Jam - never really loved strawberry jam, but this one tastes great

Strawberry Jam with Vanilla

and finally, Mixed Berries and Rosemary Jam - it came out so thick, I think I just overcooked it a bit, lots of different fruits inside, from cherries and strawberries, to blackberries, blueberries and red currants.

Mixed berries jam with rosemary


  1. Caspiterina che ghiotta carrellata ^__^ Bacioni bella, buona serata

  2. Sve izgleda apsolutno božanstveno!

  3. Super jela i slastice si pripremila, sve mi odlično izgleda ! Što se recepata tiče, naravno da bi ih sve voljela imati, ali za početak najviše me zanima ovaj zadnji mješani džem i bulgur u ljetnom izdanju.

  4. uh, koliko divota! obožavam ova jela, ma čini mi se da obožavam sve na ovim tvojim fotkama! Svaka čast na odabiru namirnica, jako fino i lijepo si sve pripremila.

  5. Sve izgleda odlično, posebno me zanima sladoled od marelica

  6. Carissima, oltre a complimentarmi per queste delizie, volevo dirti che ho postato i tuoi panini al latticello. Sono ottimi, grazie !!!

  7. Mamma mia ma tu mi vuoi far schiattare con tutte queste meraviglie. Tutto favoloso ma il crumble ha proprio conquistato il mio cuore :))

  8. Prekrasno, od fotografija do ovih delicija sve je kao jedna jako lijepa gastro priča...

  9. Mene najviše zaintrigirao džem od jagode

  10. Mmmm, sve redom mi se svidja, pocev od finih supica pa do deserta, ali nekako su mi paznju najvise privukle ove teglice sa finim dzemovima, nadam se da ce biti i receptici:;)))

  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. You have made me VERY hungry.

  12. Ciao!! I'm interested in learning how you made the ice cream & the jams. They look amazing & they are making me hungry. LOL

  13. would love the recipe to the ham and cheese chicken rolls and the strawberry ice cream :)

  14. How fabulous - it's like reading the menu of a great restaurant! Bravo :-)

  15. So many great dishes! Bulgur salad looks especially good.

  16. prekrasne su ti fotke, ali posebno mi se sviđa juhica, nisam je odavno jela i baš bi mi pasala

  17. Hey I have a little red polka dot dish too. :) I love the look of the summer bulger salad and I would love to try that jam with the thyme! Yum!


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