It's been a week since we got back from our vacation, and everything's smoothly going back to everyday routine.
One easily gets used to summer rhythm, beach-relax-sun-restaurant food, but in the end, three weeks can be quite long, and I couldn't wait to get back home and have some home made food, bake again.
I'll pretend the mountain of laundry got washed by itself, and the dust disappered because some good old fairy waved her wand.
I'll pretend last week wasn't hotter than the previous three (weird summer, indeed), and the kids didn't get bored to death because there was nowhere to go and nothing to do.
No, things went on smoother than I thought they would. Just one little thing. My computer ate so much dust while we were away (I guess it was used to eating all the food photos I've been feeding it, and it went on dust-eating strike after I left ^__^), that it first started having blackouts, then for a moment we thought we had lost it after an attempt to clean it. After two days, it came back, phew!!! I just hope I didn't speak too soon.
Well, don't you think I deserved a nice tall glass of smoothie?


Peach and Blueberry Smothie

2 peaches
100 g (about 1 Cup) fresh blueberries
120 ml (1/2 C) milk (or e.g. soy/rice/barley/coconut etc. milk)
180 ml (1 and 1/2 C) yogurt (preferably low fat)
2 TBspoons powdered sugar
a few drops of vanilla extract
3-4 ice cubes

Put peaches (peeled, stoned and chopped), blueberries, milk, yogurt, powdered sugar, a few drops of vanilla extract and the ice cubes into a blender, mix well and drink quickly :))))

Try also apricot-raspberry combo.


Smoothie alle pesche e mirtilli

2 pesche
100 g di mirtilli freschi
120 ml di latte parzialmente scremato (o latte di soia/riso/avena/cocco ecc.)
180 ml di yogurt
2 cucchiai di zucchero a velo
qualche goccia di estratto di vaniglia puro
3-4 cubetti di ghiaccio

Mettete tutti gli ingredienti nel frullatore (pelate e tagliate le pesche a pezzi), e frullate per qualche istante.
Bevetelo subito.


Smoothie s breskvama i borovnicama

2 breskve
100 g svježih borovnica
120 ml (polu)obranog mlijeka (ili sojinog, zobenog, rižinog, kokosovog, itd.)
180 ml jogurta
2 žlice šećera u prahu
nekoliko kapi čistog ekstrakta vanilije
3-4 kockice leda

Stavite sve sastojke (breskve ogulite i narežite na kockice) u uspravni mikser i izmiksajte da dobijete manje ili više glatku tekućinu (kako volite). Popijte odmah.



And here's a few more photos from our Sicilian vacation.
We reached Sicily by boat, starting from Naples.


We spent the first week in Mondello, a small town near Palermo.
And, of course a visit to Palermo was one of the obligatory steps. A rather quick one, I must say, because it's a rather big city, and a couple hours, with two kids, are definitely not enough to visit and see it, to explore it's rich cultural and historical heritage. Which definitely makes it necessary go back and visit again.



Mondello, the beach.


A very special moment was reserved for meeting a dear blogger friend from Palermo, Stefania and her gorgeous family. Unfortunately she was going away the following day, but I count on her being my tourist guide next time I visit.



  1. Mmm, un concentratodi salute questo smoothie. Con èesche e mirtilli deve essere proprio ottimo! ben tornata Daiana

  2. Dajana, per un attimo leggendo il titolo dentro il post, sono svenuta: PESCE e mirtilli???
    Vabbè, lo vedi che ho molto bisogno di una nuova vacanza :-(

  3. *Grazie, Barbara, è davvero ottimo.

    *Stefania, tesoro, sono io che sono ancora in vacanza ^__^, grazie per avermi fatto notare - forse, però, non è male come combinazione ;))

  4. Di questo smoothie me ne berrei subito un litro! Fantastico il reportage siculo e soprattutto concluso in bellezza ;)
    Un bacione dolcezza, buon inizio settimana

  5. wow awesome looking smoothie...and great vacation clicks :)

  6. Tesoro, che bello rileggerti! Adesso ti aspetto per una vacanza sicula e sarò ben lieta di farti da cicerone... però avvertimi in tempo, così non faccio coincidere le mie vacanze!
    E' stato davvero bello conoscerti, sei una persona speciale e dolcissima!

  7. That smoothie looks perfect right now with all the fresh peaches on the market. Your photos depict a beautiful vacation was experienced! Roz

  8. mmm. ovaj smoothie je fenomenalan.

    slikice sa odmora su predivne. plaža je čarobna.

    ja sam ove godine stala sa brodom u cataniji, i jako mi se svidjelo što smo vidjeli. moram se vratitina siciliju :)

  9. Che belle foto Dajana....uffi uffi che voglia di sicilia mi hai fatto venire!!! io ci sono stata in vacanza qualche anno fa e ci tornerei volentieri anche ora ;)

  10. I am chomping at the bit for Summer fruits to finally hit the shelves here in SA! It's been a long winter of apples/bananas/guavas rotated a lot (I can't eat citrus).

    Your vay-kay pics look super fun!

  11. wow, che buono cara!!!! e che belle le foto delle tue vacanze! a presto, M

  12. smoothie je odličan i svi bismo si trebali što češće priuštiti ovakav fini, zdravi napitak ! Slike sa odmora su prekrasne , divan odmor ste imali !!


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