28 November, 2011

Red Lentil and Saffron Soup

Red Lentil and Saffron Cream of Soup

You see that face in my bowl?
I didn't actually realize the saffron strands formed it until I looked at the pictures. But it must have been a warning.
Since the only way to make my kids eat some vegetables or legumes is to serve them as a soup, I'm pretty happy that they love soups of all kinds and colours. Actually, there's usually a table fight for the last ladle, and not once I had to give them my part too. But this time they dissappointed me (yeah, exactly, that's my face you see in the soup bowl!).
The soup was so creamy and delicious and yet they wouldn't eat it. The older one tasted it and didn't like the saffron ("you put something strange in it") and the little one refused to taste it because it wasn't yellow enough (she thought it was green).
You can't always expect the kids to eat everything, I know that, but I didn't expect I would have to eat the whole pot of soup by myself  ^__^

Red Lentil and Saffron Cream of Soup

Red Lentil and Saffron Cream of Soup

* 300 g red lentils
* 1 big onion
* 4 dl milk
* 1 sachet of saffron (0,125 g)
* 4 bay leaves
* extra virgin olive oil
* salt
* ground nutmeg

Peel the onion and slice it thinly.
Sautèe the onion with 2 TBspoons olive oil and bay leaves in a large pot for until soft.
Add the carefully rinsed lentils and sautèe for 5-10 minutes. Then add 1 liter of water, bring to a boil, salt and cook covered on medium to low heat for 30-40 minutes.
Remove the bay leaves and puree the lentils in a blender or using a vegetable mill.
Pour it back into the pot, add the milk, the saffron adn a pinch of grated nutmeg. Heat the soup again and serve hot.
I also added some dry toasted sunflower seeds to my bowl.

Red Lentil and Saffron Cream of Soup

Crema di lenticchie rosse allo zafferano

* 300 g lenticchie rosse
* 1 cipolla grande
* 4 dl latte
* 1 bustina di zafferano (0,125 g)
* 4 foglie di alloro
* olio extra vergine d'oliva
* sale
* noce moscata

Mondate e pelate la cipolla. Tagliatela a fette sottili e rosolatela in un'ampia pentola insieme a due cucchiai di olio d'oliva e alle foglie d'alloro.
Aggiungete le lenticchie sciacquate e controllate con cura, mescolate, lasciando brasare a fuoco dolce per 5-10 minuti. 
Bagnate con un litro d'acqua abbondante, portate a ebollizione, salate e cuocete per 30-40 minuti circa.
Togliete l'alloro dalle lenticchie e frullatele o passatele al passaverdura.
Aggiungete il latte, lo zafferano e una grattugiata di noce moscata.
Rimettete sul fuoco giusto per portare di nuovo a ebollizione, allungando con altra acqua se la crema fosse troppo densa.
Servite la crema calda.

Red Lentil and Saffron Cream of Soup

Juha od crvene leće sa šafranom

* 300 g crvene leće
* 1 veća glavica crvenog luka
* 4 dl mlijeka
* 1 vrećica šafrana (0,125 g)
* 4 listića lovora
* ekstra djevičansko maslinovo ulje
* sol
* muškatni oraščić

Očistite luk i narežite ga na listiće.
Zagrijte dvije žlice maslinovog ulja u široj posudi i popržite luk zajedno s listovima lovora.
Leću dobro isperite i dodajte luku i lovoru. Pirjajte na laganoj vatri 5-10 minuta, a zatim zalijte s 1 litrom vode.
Kad provrije, posolite i kuhajte poklopljeno na laganoj vatri oko 30-40 minuta.
Izvadite lovor, a ostatak izmiksajte u blenderu ili propasirajte na pasirku.
Vratite u lonac, dodajte mlijeko, šafran i (ako volite) mrvicu naribanog muškatnog oraščića.
Zagrijte opet samo da kratko provrije i poslužite juhu toplu.
Ja sam je poslužila uz dodatak kratko poprženih sjemenki suncokreta.

Red Lentil and Saffron Cream of Soup

26 November, 2011

Chocolate Cookies with Cappuccino Ganache

Chocolate Cookies with Cappuccino Ganache

Three days in Rome practicly flew, and what I have now are memories, photographs and a terrible backache.  I hate hotels (at least those that I can afford to stay in) for those horrible stiff matresses. Sore feet were nothing compared to the pain I'm still feeling in my back. I've been walking like an old lady, making my kids laugh, of course. But never mind, seeing and visiting Rome was special enough to pay off for all the effort and consequences, no matter how unpleasant they might be.

A few days before we left for Rome, I happened to be walking around the shops and as usual entered in one of the bookshops. I'm always hoping to find a surprise, but it rarely happens. My dream is to find a shelf full of international cookbooks, but they rarely go further than the translation of 2 or 3 Jamie Oliver's books. Which is fine, but not even nearly enough to satisfy my thirst for cookbooks. A quick check, however,  nothing new, and just when I was about to turn around and leave, I glanced upon a section that had nothing to do with cookbooks, just to find out that one of the cookbooks I've been wanting to buy for some time now, and was somehow planning to get myself as a Christmas gift at least, was 25% off. Well, if that wasn't a good enough excuse to grab it...
With a satisfied smile on my face I hurried home and didn't even get to fix myself something for lunch before I checked it thoroughly from the first to the last page. And then once more... I wasn't surprised that at least dozen recipes looked so inviting that I wanted to make them immediately, but to find myself craving the coffee flavoured cookies most, oh, yes, that was more than a surprise. You see, I can say I'm a coffee addict. I simpy believe that if I don't drink a big cup of strong Italian moka first thing in the morning I'll probably faint within half an hour. But coffee flavour in desserts, cakes, ice cream or whatever else, just doesn't appeal to me, at all. Even Tiramisù, the classical coffee flavoured one, is not on my list of favourite desserts, but if made with fruit, without coffee, I'll finish it off by myself  ^__^
So, whatever it was that made me choose these cookies, I'm grateful. That coffee flavoured white chocolate ganache tasting like the finest cappuccino, only better, was so good, and I say soooooooooo good, that I had to make it twice. Simply because I finished half of it with a spoon and million ideas swirling through my head of other possible uses (ice cream being only one of them).
The book itself, Regali golosi, proved to be a good investment, I've already tried two other recipes for cookies, both great.
The recipe as I'm bringing it below is only slightly modified compared to the original, because I substituted 60 g of white sugar with muscovado sugar as I find it great in cookies as it melts and adds that slightly caramelized flavour. And I think more ganache is needed to fill the cookies, so you'll find that part modified too.
My advice, give these a try, you won't be sorry.

Chocolate Cookies with Cappuccino Ganache

Chocolate Cookies with Cappuccino Ganache
(slightly adapted from Regali golosi, by Sigrid Verbert)

* 220 g flour
* 20 g unsweetened cocoa
* 125 g cold butter
* 65 g white sugar
* 60 g brown (muscovado) sugar
* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
* 1 egg
* a pinch of salt
Cappuccino ganache:
* 180 g white chocolate
* 60 ml heavy cream
* 2 teaspoons instant coffee powder

Mix and sift together the flour and the cocoa into a bowl. Add both sugars and salt and whisk together.
Add the chopped cold butter and rub it in with the tips of your fingers until you have coarse crumbs.
Add the egg and the vanilla extract and quickly bring everything together into a smooth dough.
Divide it into two parts, shape them into balls and then flatten into discs. Wrap them in a piece of plastic wrap and chill for 1 hour.
Heat the oven to 160°C.
Line two baking sheets with parchment paper or silkmat.
Roll the dough out on a lightly floured surface (or between two sheets of parchment paper) very thin, 2 mm.
Cut out little circles, 5-6 cm in diameter, using a round cookie cutter (you may cut out a smaller circle on half of the cookies - the ones that will be on top, or leave them whole).
Gather the scraps, chill them again before rolling and cutting the dough out again.
Place the cut out cookies on a baking sheet and bake them for 10-12 minutes.
Move them on a cooling rack to cool.
Prepare the ganache while the cookies are cooling down.
Finely chop, or even better, grate the chocolate.
Put the heavy cream and the instant coffee powder into a small saucepan and heat until it starts boiling. Pour the hot cream over the chocolate and stir until it's melted completely. In case it doesn't, put everything into a microwave oven for 10-15 seconds and stir again.
Let the ganache cool at room temperature and then fill the cookies. Wait until it gets just dense enough not to leak out of the cookies.
Put about teaspoon of filling on the bottom side of one cookie and sandwich it with another cookie.
Let them sit a while before storing them into an airtight container.
Perfect with a cup of coffee or cappuccino.

Chocolate Cookies with Cappuccino Ganache

Biscotti al cappuccino
(ricetta adattata dal libro Regali golosi di Sigrid Verbert)

* 220 g di farina "00"
* 20 g cacao amaro
* 125 g burro freddo
* 65 g zucchero bianco
* 60 g zucchero di canna (muscovado)
* 1 cucchiaino di estratto puro di vaniglia o 10 g di zucchero vanigliato
* 1 uovo
* un pizzico di sale
Ganache al cappuccino:
* 180 g cioccolato bianco
* 60 ml panna fresca
* 2 cucchiaini di caffè solubile

Setacciate la farina insieme al cacao e mescolateli agli zuccheri e il sale.
Aggiungete il burro freddo tagliato a pezzettini e strofinate con le punte delle dita per ottenere delle briciole.
Unite l'uovo e l'estratto di vaniglia e impastate velocemente.
Dividete l'impasto in due parti, formate due dischi, avvolgeteli con la pellicola e teneteli in frigo per 1 ora.
Stendete l'impasto su una superficie infarinata o in mezzo ai due fogli di carta da forno a uno spessore di 2 mm.
Ritagliate dei biscotti di circa 5-6 cm di diametro e sistemateli sulla teglia ricoperta con la carta da forno.
Cuoceteli per circa 10-12 minuti a 160°C.
Lasciate raffreddare i biscottini e preparate la ganache.
Grattugiate il cioccolato e mettetelo in una ciotolina.
Mettete la panna e il caffè solubile in un pentolino e fateli bollire. Versate la panna bollente sul cioccolato e mescolate bene. Se il cioccolato non riesce a sciogliersi ancora scaldate il tutto per 10-15 secondi nel forno a microonde. Lasciate raffreddare la ganache a temperatura ambiente e poi spalmatela sui biscotti coprendoli poi con un'altro biscotto.

Chocolate Cookies with Cappuccino Ganache

Cappuccino keksići
(iz knjige Regali golosi, Sigrid Verbert)

* 220 g brašna
* 20 g gorkog kakaa
* 125 g maslaca (hladnog)
* 65 g bijelog šećera
* 60 g muscovado šećera
* 1 žličica ekstrakta vanilije ili 10 g vanilin šećera
* 1 jaje
* prstohvat soli
Ganache s kavom
* 180 g bijele čokolade
* 60 ml svježeg slatkog vrhnja (ne biljnog)
* 2 žličice instant kave

Prosijte skupa brašno i kakao u zdjelu. Dodajte obje vrste šećera i vanilin šećer (ako koristite ekstrakt dodajte ga kasnije zajedno s jajetom) i sol i promiješajte.
Dodajte hladan maslac narezan na listiće pa ga utrljajte u brašno vršcima prstiju da dobijete mrvice.
Dodajte jaje i brzo zamijesite.
Tijesto podijelite na dva dijela, svaki oblikujte u kuglu koju spljoštite u disk, omotajte prozirnom folijom i stavite u hladnjak najmanje 1 sat.
Pećnicu zagrijte na 160°C.
Dva pleha od pećnice obložite papirom za pečenje.
Razvaljajte tijesto jako tanko, na 2 mm debljine, na pobrašnjenoj dasci ili između dva komada papira za pečenje.
Okruglim kalupićem izrežite krugove (rupica na gornjem keksu nije obavezna, ali pored knjige, jučer sam slučajno našla i kalupić koji sam dugo tražila pa sam ga morala iskoristiti).
Pecite kekse u zagrijanoj pećnici 10-12 minuta.
Ostavite ih da se ohlade.
Dok se keksi hlade pripremite ganache.
Naribajte čokoladu i stavite je u zdjelicu.
Zagrijte slatko vrhnje s instant kavom do vrenja. Istresite vrhnje (divno miriše!!!) u zdjelu s čokoladom i miješajte dok se čokolada ne istopi i smjesa postane glatka (za slučaj da se čokolada ne uspije lijepo otopiti zagrijte sve skupa 10 sekundi u mikrovalnoj).
Ostavite ganache na sobnoj temperaturi da se ohladi i stisne tek toliko da ne curi iz keksa kad ih napunite.
Stavite žličicu ganache kreme na donju stranu jednog keksa i poklopite drugim (ako ste ih pravili s rupicama, onda gore stavite onaj s rupicom). Ne pritiskajte previše.
Ostavite ih da se lijepo stisne krema i poslužite, uz popodnevnu kavu, cappuccino ili samo čašu mlijeka, što vam je već po volji... i uživajte
p.s. moj kalup je promjera 5,5 cm i dobila sam 20-ak gotovih (spojenih) keksa.

Chocolate Cookies with Cappuccino Ganache

18 November, 2011

Zucchini and Pecorino Cheese Quiche

Zucchini and Pecorino Cheese Quiche

Shhhhhhhh! We're slowly approaching number 10... 

But as we're waiting to leave for Rome, we need to eat, don't we? Although this quiche sounds more like something you'd enjoy in the summer, when in a hurry, I'll take my chances even on a frosty autumn day. 'Cause it's so delicious. Zucchini and cheese, packed inside a thin, crisp shell, smell of basil and marjoram. Can you say no to such a beauty? 
Unbelievably, my basil plant is still alive, it's a little miracle, considering that the last two days the temperatures are well below zero. 

Ohhhh, I forgot to say, number 10 stands for our wedding anniversary  ^__^ 

I'll be away for a couple days, visiting Rome to celebrate and spend a few days together, see you next week. Stay warm and eat well!

Zucchini and Pecorino Cheese Quiche

Zucchini and Pecorino Cheese Quiche

* 1 sheet of ready pate brisée (pie crust)
* 3 medium sized zucchini (about 300-400 g)
* 100 g fresh pecorino cheese (or some other cheese of your choice)
* 2 eggs
* 1,5 dl heavy cream
* 2 TBspoons grated parmigiano cheese
* a small bunch of fresh basil leaves
* 2 marjoram twigs
* salt and pepper

Roll out the dough very thinly and line a pie dish covering the bottom and the sides. Trim the excess dough (keep the leftovers for the top grid). Place the plate in the fridge while preparing the filling and heating the oven.
Shred the zucchini, salt them and leave in a colander for at least 10 minutes to lose some of the water. Squeeze well with your hands to remove some more water.
Whisk the eggs with the heavy cream. Add the parmigiano, the finely chopped basil and marjoram leaves, and the zucchini. Mix well, add salt and pepper to your taste.

Zucchini and Pecorino Cheese Quiche Zucchini and Pecorino Cheese Quiche

Cut the cheese into thin slices or shred it.
Fill the quiche shell with layers of zucchini and eggs filling alternating them with the sliced/shredded cheese.
Cut the dough scraps into strips and form a grid on top of the quiche. 

Zucchini and Pecorino Cheese Quiche Zucchini and Pecorino Cheese Quiche Zucchini and Pecorino Cheese Quiche

Bake the quiche in the oven preheated to 180°C for 35-40 minutes and serve warm.

NOTE: when I'm in a hurry, a storebought pate brisée is a good and quick solution. When I think ahead and am in the mood, though, I prefer making my own. Here's the recipe I usually follow: 
Sift 300 g of flour with a pinch of salt on a kneading board, add 100 g of cold butter, chopped and rub it in to form coarse crumbs. Add approx. 125 ml ice cold water and quickly bring everything together - the less you knead it the better. Form a ball and then flatten it into a disc. Wrap it tightly with a piece of plastic wrap and let rest in the fridge for at least 1 hour. For better results, let it sit in the fridge one day. It keeps well in the fridge for 3-4 days or up to 2 months if frozen.

Zucchini and Pecorino Cheese Quiche

Quiche con zucchine e pecorino

* 1 rotolo di pasta brisée già fatta
* 3 zucchine medie (circa 300-400 g)
* 100 g pecorino fresco
* 2 uova
* 1,5 dl di panna fresca
* 2 cucchiai di parmigiano grattugiato
* un mazzetto di basilico fresco
* 2 rametti di maggiorana
* sale e pepe q.b.

Srotolate la pasta brisée e usatela per ricoprire una teglia tonda (tipo per le crostate). Tagliate via la pasta in eccesso ma conservatela per la griglia. Mettete la teglia con la pasta nel frigo mentre preparate il ripieno e riscaldate il forno a 180°C.
Grattugiate le zucchine con una grattugia a fori grossi, salatele e mettetele in un colino per circa 10 minuti. Poi strizzatele bene.
Mescolate le uova e la panna in una ciotola. Unite il parmigiano grattugiato, le foglie di basilico e maggiorana sminuzzate e le zucchine. Salate e pepate.
Tagliate il pecorino a fettine sottili o grattugiatelo con una grattugia a fori grossi.
Riempite il guscio della quiche con strati alternati di ripieno di zucchine e fettine di formaggio.
Tagliate i resti della pasta in striscioline e formate una griglia sopra il ripieno.
Cuocete la quiche nel forno caldo per circa 35-40 minuti. Servitela calda o tiepida.

Zucchini and Pecorino Cheese Quiche

Quiche s tikvicama i sirom

* 1 pakiranje gotove paste brisée
* 3 srednje velike tikvice (oko 300-400 g)
* 100 g svježeg pecorina (ili nekog drugog sira)
* 2 jaja
* 1,5 dl svježeg slatkog vrhnja (nezaslađenog)
* 2 žlice ribanog parmezana
* svežnjić svježeg bosiljka
* 2 grančice svježeg mažurana
* sol i papar

Tijesto razvaljajte tanko i utisnite u niski okrugli kalup tako da pokrijete dno i stranice. Odrežite višak tijesta tako da bude u ravnini s rubom kalupa (sačuvajte odrezane okrajke).
Stavite kalup s tijestom u hladnjak dok pripremate punjenje i pećnica se grije.
Ako želite sami napraviti brisée tijesto prilično je jednostavno, samo ga treba pripremiti unaprijed, najbolje dan ranije. Potrebno vam je: 300 g brašna, 100 g hladnog maslaca i oko 125 ml ledeno hladne vode. Prosijte brašno na radnu površinu i dodajte mrvicu soli.
Dodajte hladan maslac narezan na listiće i utrljajte ga vršcima prstiju u brašno.
Dodajte jako hladnu vodu (količina po potrebi, meni je trebalo otprilike 125 ml) i zamijesite čvrsto, elastično tijesto. Ne mijesite previše, tek koliko je potrebno da se sastojci povežu.
Omotajte tijesto prozirnom folijom i ostavite u hladnjaku najmanje 1 sat (još bolje preko noći).
Pasta brisée može stajati u hladnjaku 3-4 dana ili u zamrzivaču do 2 mjeseca (prije upotrebe odmrznite je).

Tikvice naribajte na krupniji ribež, posolite ih i ostavite u cjedilu 10-ak minuta.
Zatim tikvice dobro iscijedite stišćući ih rukama.
Pomiješajte u zdjeli jaja i vrhnje, razmutite ih pjenjačom.
Dodajte parmezan, sitno nasjeckani bosiljak i mažuran i iscijeđene tikvice. Dobro izmiješajte i posolite i popaprite po ukusu.
Pecorino (ili neki drugi sir vama po izboru, emental, gaudu, i sl.) narežite na tanke ploškice ili naribajte na krupni ribež.
Napunite tijesto tako što ćete stavljati naizmjenično slojeve tikvica i sira.
Od ostataka tijesta izrežite trakice i složite ih u mrežu preko nadjeva.
Pecite quiche u zagrijanoj pećnici, na 180°C, 35-40 minuta.

Zucchini and Pecorino Cheese Quiche

16 November, 2011

Tea with Pineapple Juice

Tea with Pineapple Juice

The last two days were quite cold. As if the autumn decided to strike all of a sudden, saying, "Ok, you've had enough of that mild, humid autumn weather." And the temperatures all of sudden dropped from 13-15°C to 0°C. I feel such a chill in my bones, I'm shaking all day long, even though I've pulled out the heaviest pullovers and jacket I have in my wardrobe.
All I can think about is "TURN ON THE OVEN" for some additional heat, "PREPARE A BOWL OF HOT SOUP" and I made some Pasta e faggioli yesterday for the great joy of my kids (seriously, my daughter said that was some awsome meal  ^__^ )... and how about a cup of tea?
I love tea, but somehow I don't have the habbit of making it regularly.
During my stay in England, tea had a totally different taste. Even when I brought the same tea with me on my way home, it just didn't taste the same any more. So, I kind of gave up looking for that perfectly brewed cup of tea, at least until I'm able to visit England again.
Last year I got in touch with the lady I worked for as an au-pair in the early '90s (Hi, Kate!) and I was amazed to see her three boys who were 4, 6 and 8 at the time, and now are fully grown up young men in their twenties. Boy, time really does fly.

The recipe I'm sharing with you today is not a common cup of tea. It is enriched with some cinnamon and clove, slices of citrus fruit and some pineapple juice. It is something probably more adapt for another (read "WARMER") time of the year, but it did suit me pretty well yesterday, too. Drank while still warm with a little delicate rosemary honey (from Sardinia) and a couple slices of a simple tea cake.
Stay warm  ^__

Tea with Pineapple Juice

Tea with Pineapple Juice

* 2 teabags of Earl Grey tea (or 3 teaspoons of leaf tea)
* 1 cinnamon stick
* 1 clove
* 4 slices of orange
* 4 slices of lemon
* 2 dl pineapple juice

Bring 3 dl of water with the cinnamon stick and the clove to a boil.
Add the tea bags (or leaves), cover and let sit for 3 minutes.
Add the orange and lemon slices and the pineapple juice (you may remove the tea bags or strain the tea to remove the tea leaves.
Mix in the pineapple juice and let it cool before serving. Sweeten with sugar or honey if you like.
You may serve this tea in the morning for breakfast or in the afternoon with a slice of cake or some cookies.

Tea with Pineapple Juice

Tè al ananas

* 2 bustine di tè Earl Grey
* 1 stecca di cannella
* 1 chiodo di garofano
* 4 fettine di arancia
* 4 fettine di limone
* 2 dl di succo d'ananas

Portate a ebollizione 3 dl di acqua con la cannella e il chiodo di garofano.
Aggiungete le bustine di tè, coprite e lasciate riposare 3 minuti.
Aggiungete le fettine di arancia e limone e il succo d'ananas.
Lasciate intiepidire, poi dolcificate con lo zucchero o miele e servite.
Ottimo a colazione o nel pomeriggio con qualche biscottino o fettina di plumcake.

Tea with Pineapple Juice

Čaj s ananasom

* 2 vrećice čaja Earl Grey
* 1 štapić cimeta
* 1 klinčić
* 4 kriške naranče
* 4 kriške limuna
* 2 dl soka od ananasa

Prokuhajte 3 dl vode sa štapićem cimeta i klinčićem.
Dodajte 2 vrećice čaja i ostavite poklopljeno 3 minute.
Dodajte kriške limuna i naranče i sok od ananasa u čaj, ostavite da se prohladi.
Zasladite po želji medom ili šećerom i poslužite ujutro uz doručak ili popodne uz komad kolača ili kekse.

Tea with Pineapple Juice

14 November, 2011

Savoury Saffron Cookies

Savoury Saffron Cookies

A bit of a frenetic start today (blame it on Monday), but fortunately things calmed down. Now there's only the rest of the week to survive. Waiting for the next weekend... which is going to be a little different from our usual weekends. Something to celebrate, and we'll celebrate with a trip. It should be fun, just hoping for good weather.
If we were to celebrate at home, these savoury cookies would be a great idea for an appetizer.
But they're also nice as a quick snack, something always appreciated in my home.
They may look a little bit like crackers, but the taste and consistency are different. They're rather soft, but just like crackers would go great with cheese and some vegetables, and a glass of chilled Prosecco.

Savoury Saffron Cookies

Savoury Saffron Cookies

* 100 g AP flour
* 100 g cream cheese or ricotta (or a mix of the two, or even better if you can find Italian Robiola cheese)
* 40 g butter
* 2 TBspoons grated parmigiano cheese
* 1 egg yolk
* 1/2 sachet of powdered saffron (1 sachet = 0,125 g)
* salt and pepper to taste

Sift the flour into a bowl, add the fresh cheese, the grated parmigiano, the softened butter, the egg yolk, the saffron dissolved in a tablespoon of warm water, salt and pepper to your taste.
Mix everything quickly with your hands bringing it together to form a soft, smooth dough.
Wrap it with a piece of plastic wrap and chill in the fridge for at least 1/2 hour.
Turn your oven on to 180°C.
Roll the dough out to 5 mm thick on a lightly floured surface or between two sheets of baking paper.
Cut the shapes as you prefer - using a cookie cutter or a pastry cutter, like I did (I cut out small squares and triangles).

Savoury Saffron Cookies

Place the cookies on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Punch them with a fork.
Bake them 12-13 minutes or until golden.
Move them to a cooling rack.
Serve these as a snack, or an appetizer with fresh cheese and vegetables.

Savoury Saffron Cookies

Un gustoso snack, antipasto, finger food ecc., da servire con dei formaggi freschi o con verdure fresche.

Biscotti salati al formaggio e zafferano

* 100 g di farina "00"
* 100 g di robiola
* 40 g burro
* 2 cucchiai di parmigiano grattugiato
* 1 tuorlo
* 1/2 bustina di zafferano (1 bustina = 0,125 g)
* sale e pepe q.b.

Setacciate la farina in una ciotola, unite al centro la robiola, il parmigiano, il burro ammorbidito, il tuorlo, lo zafferano sciolto in un cucchiaio d'acqua tiepida, sale e pepe.
Impastate rapidamente il composto, avvolgetelo in un foglio di pellicola e lasciate rassodare in frigorifero per almeno 1/2 ora.
Riscaldate il forno a 180°C.
Stendete la pasta a uno spessore di 5 mm. Tagliatela con una formina o la rotellina per la pasta e metteteli su una placca ricoperta con la carta da forno. Punzecchiateli con una forchetta.
Cuocete i biscotti per circa 12 minuti o finché saranno leggermente dorati.
Lasciateli raffreddare e servite.

Savoury Saffron Cookies

Vratila sam se sa šafranom i igram se dalje.
Danas su na redu slani keksići, zlatno žute boje, mekani i posebno aromatični.
I ovaj recept šaljem Dilajli u okviru igrice Ajme koliko nas je.

Slani keksi sa šafranom

* 100 g brašna
* 100 g krem sira ili ricotte (ili pomiješano)*
* 40 g maslaca
* 2 žlice naribanog parmezana
* 1 žumanjak
* 1/2 vrećice šafrana (1 vrećica = 0,125 g)
* sol i papar po ukusu

Prosijte brašno u zdjelu, dodajte svježi sir, ribani parmezan, maslac sobne temperature, žumanjak, šafran otopljen u žlici mlake vode, sol i papar.
Izmiješajte sve brzo da dobijete glatko tijesto.
Omotajte ga prozirnom folijom i ostavite najmanje 1/2 sata u hladnjaku.
Zagrijte pećnicu na 180°C.
Razvaljajte tijesto na 5 mm debljine na pobrašnjenoj dasci ili između dva lista papira za pečenje.
Izrežite ga na oblike po želji (kalupima ili vijugavim kotačićem za rezanje tijesta) i malo ih nabockajte vilicom ili drvenim štapićem.
Složite kekse na pleh obložen papirom za pečenje i pecite ih oko 12-13 minuta dok ne poprime lagano zlatnu boju.
Ostavite ih da se ohlade prije posluživanja.

* za one koji žive u Italiji, savjetujem robiolu

Savoury Saffron Cookies

11 November, 2011

Pink Caramelle with Ricotta and Mushrooms

Pink Caramelle with Ricotta and Mushrooms

Trick or treat?
Both, I'd say. A trick because these caramelle (candies) are not real, sugar candies, but they're a type of pasta. Treat, because they are so delicious, you won't even be sorry you didn't get any candies  ^__^
I've had these on my mind for weeks, maybe even months. But the moment was never right, one or the other ingredient missing, no time, no something.
The idea was picked here and there, bits and pieces that I finally put together. Don't they look cute? Not only because of the colour, but the shape as well. As far as taste, you'll have to make them for yourself, as I'm keeping mine jealously for Sunday lunch, but if you think you can trust me... they're divine.

There's a bit of work when making homemade pasta, but the pleasure of serving it at the table will make you forget everything. And then even the game itself is worth it. Thinking about the shape, about the filling, about the seasoning. I must say I really enjoy the whole process from the beginning to the end. There are lot more ideas swirling through my brain, so I can't wait to take my pasta machine out again.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Pink Caramelle with Ricotta and Mushrooms

Pink Caramelle with Ricotta and Mushrooms

* 250 g flour
* 2 eggs
* 3 TBspoons beetroot juice
* a pinch of salt

* 200 g ricotta cheese
* 150 g mixed mushrooms or only porcini
* 1 egg
* 2 TBspoons grated parmigiano cheese
* 1/2 small onion
* 10 g butter
* salt and pepper

For serving:
* butter
* sage leaves
* some porcini mushrooms, thinly sliced
* grated parmigiano

Sift the flour on the kneading board and form a deep well in the middle. Put the eggs and a pinch of salt in the middle. Start whisking them with a fork (gently, so they don't escape).
Add the beetroot juice, continue whisking with a fork, gradually adding the surrounding flour. At this point it is quite probable the eggs will start escaping so be quick in bringing everything together. Knead the pasta until homogeneous. In the beginning it may seem to stiff, but it will relax.
Wrap the thus formed dough in a piece of plastic wrap and let it rest about 1 hour at room temperature.

Homemade pasta Pink pasta

Divide the dough into 4-5 parts. Shape each into a little log and roll it out a little bit with a rolling pin dusting it generously with flour.
NOTE: when making filled pasta like ravioli, tortelloni and similar, I always work with one piece of the dough at a time - that is to say I complete the whole process from rolling the dough out to filling and shaping it before I take the another piece of pasta, avoiding thus the pasta getting dry and hard to shape, but it's also the question of space in my case.
Pass the rolled out piece of dough through the pasta maker (starting from mark 1 and passing to a higher number the next time; I usually end up with a very thin pasta, mark 8, on a scale from 1 to 9).

Pink pasta pink pasta pink pasta

Cut the rolled out pasta into rectangles or squares (approx. 8x9, or 8x8 cm).
Put a small quantity of filling in the middle. Brush the edges of each rectangle with a little water. Roll the dough around the filling and then twist the two ends (basicly imagine you were wrapping a candy with a piece of wrapping paper.
Place the "candies" on a well floured cardboard tray or a mash pasta drying tray (picture on the right) and proceede with the nexte piece of the pasta waiting its turn.

Pink Caramelle with Ricotta and Mushrooms Pink Caramelle with Ricotta and Mushrooms

The filling:
Slice or dice the mushrooms (I couldn't find any fresh porcini, so I used the frozen mixed mushrooms).
Finely chop the onion. Put it in a skillet in which you melted and heated the butter. Cook the onion on low heat until soft and translucent.
Add the mushrooms and sautee until they are soft and most of the liquid they release has evaporated. Add salt and pepper to your taste. Set to cool and then chop them very finely.
Whisk the ricotta cheese, the parmigiano and an egg in a bowl. Add the mushrooms. Check if you need more salt (I found the filling very, very tasty at this stage, almost ate it with a spoon).

mushroom and ricotta filing for caramelle

Cooking and serving:
Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Salt it, lower the heat and add the pasta. It is important to cook the filled pasta in lightly simmering water, or it may loose it's filling in the cooking water, and you might find yourself with a bowl of cheese soup.
It takes no more than a couple minutes for pasta to get cooked.
Heat the butter with a 3-4 fresh sage leaves (if you have any mushrooms left add a couple slices as well).
Season the pasta with hot butter and serve with some grated parmigiano.

NOTE: fresh pasta should be cooked almost immediately. If you're making it in advance, then I suggest you freeze it (it will keep well in the freezer at least 3-4 months) - freeze on tray(s) and then move to freezing bags. When you want to cook it, there's no need to defrost it, just drop it in the boiling water.

Pink Caramelle with Ricotta and Mushrooms

Caramelle rosa con ricotta e funghi

* 250 g farina
* 2 uova
* 3 cucchiai di succo di barbabietole rosse
* un pizzico di sale

* 200 g di ricotta soda
* 150 g di funghi misti o solo porcini
* 1 uovo
* 2 cucchiai di parmigiano grattugiato
* 1/2 cipolla piccola
* 10 g di burro
* sale e pepe

Per servire:
* burro
* salvia
* un po' di porcini affettati
* parmigiano grattugiato

Setacciate la farina e formate la classica fontana. Aggiungete le uova e sbattetele leggermente con una forchetta. Aggiungete il succo di barbabietola e continuando a sbattere con la forchetta cominciate a incorporare la farina. 
Impastate bene, avvolgetela con la pellicola e lasciatela riposare 1 ora a temperatura ambiente.
Dividete la pasta in 4-5 parti che lavorerete uno alla volta, lasciando il resto coperto con la pellicola.
Stendete ogni pezzo prima con il mattarello, infarinandolo bene, e poi con la macchina per la pasta (partendo dal numero più piccolo passando ai numeri più alti ad ogni passaggio - per la pasta ripiena di solito arrivo fino a 8, sulla scala da 1 a 9).
Tagliate la sfoglia in rettangoli o quadrati (circa 8x9 o 8x8 cm) e inumidite i bordi con un po' d'acqua. Mettete al centro un po' di ripieno e avvolgetelo con due latti opposti del rettangolo. Fate aderire la pasta intorno al ripieno e poi girate come per formare una caramella.
Lasciate le caramelle già formate su un vassoio di carta ben infarinato o sul apposito vassoio con la rete.

Tagliate i funghi a pezzi o listarelle. Soffriggete la cipolla tagliata fine con il burro. Unite i funghi e fateli insaporire per qualche minuto (devono prima ammorbidirsi e poi asciugarsi quasi completamente). Salate e pepate.
In una terrina mescolate bene la ricotta con l'uovo e parmigiano. Unite i funghi, aggiustate di sale se necessario.

Portate a ebollizione una pentola con l'acqua. Salatela, abbassate la fiamma e mettete la pasta (per evitare che la pasta ripiena si apra in cottura e il suo prezioso contenuto viene perso, non cuocetela a fuoco troppo alto, basta che l'acqua sobbolle).
Scaldate il burro con qualche foglia di salvia fresca e condite la pasta. Servitela con parmigiano grattugiato.

Pink Caramelle with Ricotta and Mushrooms

Ružičaste karamele s ricottom i gljivama

* 250 g brašna
* 2 cijela jaja
* 3 žlice soka od cikle
* prstohvat soli

* 200 g čvrste ricotte
* 150 g miješanih gljiva ili samo vrganja
* 1 jaje
* 2 žlice naribanog parmezana
* 1/2 manje glavice crvenog luka
* 10 gmaslaca
* sol i papar

* maslac 
* 3-4 listića kadulje
* naribani parmezan

Prosijte brašno na dasku. Napravite veću udubinu u sredini (razmaknite brašno toliko da se vidi daska).
Razbijte jaja u sredinu i prstohvat soli  i lagano ih razmutite vilicom.
Dodajte sok od cikle i polako umiješajte vilicom u jaja, a onda postepeno dodajite okolno brašno (pazite jer jaja lako pobjegnu van).
Zamijeste čvrsto tijesto (može vam trebati malo manje ili više brašna ovisno o veličini jaja).
Omotajte tijesto prozirnom folijom da se ne osuši i ostavite ga da se odmara 1 sat na sobnoj temperaturi.
Podijelite tijesto na 4-5 dijelova.
Svaki prvo malo razvaljajte oklagijom na pobrašnjenoj dasci, a onda rastanjite na stroju za tjesteninu što tanje (ja rastanjim do 8 na skali od 1-9).
Radite s jednim po jednim dijelom tijesta dok vam je ostatak pokriven da se ne suši.
Rastanjeno tijesto izrežite na pravokutnike (moji su bili 8x9 cm) ili kvadrate.
Stavite na sredinu žličicu nadjeva i prvo zarolajte (navlažite rubove vodom da se bolje zalijepe), stisnite tijesto oko nadjeva, a onda uvrnite krajeve kao papir za karamele.
Stavljajte ih na pobrašnjeni kartonski pladanj (ili ovakav pladanj za sušenje s mrežicom).
Ostavite ih da se prosuše 10-ak minuta, a onda ih ili odmah kuhajte ili zamrznite na pladnju pa premjestite u vrećice i čuvajte u zamrzivaču do upotrebe (3-4 mjeseca). Smrznutu tjesteninu ne odmrzavati već staviti kuhati smrznutu u kipuću vodu.
Imala sam malo viška tijesta pa sam ga samo izrezala na rezance/ tagliatelle.

Punjenje od ricotte i gljiva:
Očistitte luk i što sitnije ga nasjeckajte.
Zagrijte u tavi malo maslaca (oko 10 g), popržite luk dok ne postane staklast, dodajte narezane gljive i pirjajte ih dok ne odmeknu i voda koju su pustile skoro sva ispari. Posolite i popaprite po ukusu.
Posolite i popaprite, ostavite da se prohlade, a onda ih još dodatno sitno isjeckajte.
*ja sam imala samo smrznute gljive (miješane).
Pomiješajte ricottu i jaje u zdjeli.
Dodajte gljive i parmezan, po potrebi još dosolite.

Priprema i posluživanje:
Skuhajte tjesteninu u dosta posoljene ključale vode. Neka voda ne ključa jako (kad proključa smanjite vatru i dodajte tjesteninu), da se pasta ne bi otvorila i punjenje iscurilo (ovo vrijedi za sve vrste punjene tjestenine).
Potrebno je svega par minuta da se skuha.
U međuvremenu zagrijte u tavi maslac s listićima kadulje i malo gljiva nasjeckanih na listiće (može i samo maslac i kadulja).
Dodajte kuhanu tjesteninu, pažljivo promiješajte i poslužite s naribanim parmezanom.

Pink pasta

08 November, 2011

Chocolate Cake with Saffron

Chocolate Cake with Saffron

Tried to resist... and I did... for a while, that is to say... until Sunday afternoon...
You've noticed there's been a whole series of savoury posts, and maybe even wondered what happened to my desserts. Have been making very few, to say the truth, some cookies ('cause I need them at least with my coffee in the morning), some muffins occasionally when there are some overripe bananas sitting around.
And then, the idea of a chocolate cake stuck like a mosquito in my head. Even though my husband told me I couldn't make any more cakes until I found a job, a new house, and a new car (phew!!!), I still made it!
It came out that I wasn't the only one craving it.
After the cake was done, I left it still in the baking pan on the stove top and went out of the kitchen.
10 minutes later,  two little hands holding a plate with a big slice of cake  each, stood in front of me with an ear-to-ear smile, "Look, we cut the cake on our own and helped ourselves". Proud and happy.
Little women growing up... But what was left of my cake looked rather like a battle field.
I thought I wouldn't be able to take a picture at all, but after some tailoring I managed to make it presentable.

The cake is very rich in texture and flavour (no wonder, with all that butter and chocolate), wonderfully moist.
I don't know if you've ever tried saffron in a dessert, I already have, several times. You may find it surprising, but it adds a little particular tone where you wouldn't expect it, in a sweet recipe, that is to say.
My kids loved it, I doubt you wouldn't, too. But just in case you don't like saffron, you may substitute it with some vanilla extract, rum or similar.

Chocolate Cake with Saffron

Chocolate Cake with Saffron

* 200 g dark chocolate (50% cocoa), melted and cooled
* 200 g butter, at room temperature 
* 4 eggs
* 80 g sugar
* 80 g flour
* 1 teaspoon baking powder
* 1/2 sachet of powdered saffron (the whole sachet is 0,125 g / 0,0044 oz)
* 50 ml milk
* 3 egg yolks
* 3 TBspoons sugar
* 60 ml sweet marsala wine
* a pinch of powdered saffron

Melt the chocolate in a microwave oven or over a saucepan with simmering water and set aside to cool.
Put the softened butter and the sugar in a mixing bowl and beat with an electric mixer until creamy.
Add the eggs, one at a time, and then the saffron, the chocolate and finally the flour sifted together with the baking powder. Add the milk and mix just enough to have a homogeneous batter.
Pour the batter into a 22-24 cm springform, lined with baking paper, greased and floured (or you can bake it in a muffin tin to have a single portion cakes).
Level the surface and bake the cake in an oven preheated to 180°C for about 50 minutes (check with a wooden stick inserted in the middle), the cake should be baked, but still soft and moist, so don't overbake it.
Let it cool for 5 minutes in the pan, then move it to a cooling rack and let cool completely.

For zabaione, whisk the egg yolks and sugar in a small saucepan, pour in the marsala wine, add the saffron and then cook on low heat for a couple minutes stirring continuously until the cream gets slightly denser, soft and foamy.
Serve the cake with warm or cold zabaione.

Chocolate Cake with Saffron

Torta di cioccolato allo zafferano

* 200 g di cioccolato fondente
* 200 g burro
* 4 uova
* 80 g zucchero
* 80 g farina "00"
* 1 cucchiaino di lievito in polvere
* 1/2 bustina di zafferano in polvere
* 50 ml latte
* 3 tuorli d'uovo
* 3 cucchiai di zucchero 
* 60 ml di Marsala dolce
* un pizzico di zafferano in polvere

Imburrate e infarinate uno stampo a cerniera di diametro 22-24 cm.
Accendete il forno a 180°C.
Sciogliete il cioccolato nel forno a microonde o a bagnomaria, e lasciatelo raffreddare.
Lavorate il burro ammorbidito con lo zucchero usando uno sbattitore elettrico, finché cremoso e spumoso.
Unite le uova, uno alla volta, e poi lo zafferano, il cioccolato, e infine la farina setacciata con il lievito e il latte.
Versate nello stampo che avete preparato e cuocete nel forno caldo per circa 50 minuti. Verificate se la torta è cotta con uno stuzzicadenti infilato al centro.
Lasciate la torta nello stampo per 5 minuti, poi aprite lo stampo e trasferitela su una griglia e lasciatela raffreddare completamente.

Mettete i tuorli e lo zucchero in un tegamino e mescolate bene con una frusta a mano. Versate il marsala a filo e aggiungete lo zafferano. Mettete a cuocere a fuoco bassissimo per qualche minuto finché la crema sarà spumosa e soffice.
Servite la torta con lo zabaione caldo o freddo.

Chocolate Cake with Saffron

Ovomjesečna tema naše blogerske igrice, Ajme koliko nas je, jako me razveselila. Dilajla s bloga Svaštarica odabrala je šafran, jedan od začina koji volim i često koristim (koliko mogu, naravno, budući da se radi o najskupljem začinu na svijetu). Od rižota, do juhe, i raznih drugih slanih jela, lako nalazi primjenu kod mene, a nisam zaobišla ni slatke. Već ranije sam objavila recept za kuglice od ricotte sa šafranom, nedavno sam probala i krem desert sa šafranom i mangom, ostalo mi je naravno isprobati i ovaj za čokoladnu tortu.
Torta je odlična sama po sebi (tko ne voli šafran mogao bi je jednostavno malo obogatiti vanilijom, rumom ili sl.), bogate strukture i okusa, ali savršeno mekana i nimalo suha. Nije ju potrebno premazivati kremama ili filovati, ali jako fino paše ako je poslužite uz neku kremicu, poput zabaionea, engleske kreme, kreme od vanilije, šlaga i sl.  Šafran joj dodaje jednu nijansu okusa više.
Kod mene su je čak i djeca u slast jela. Čak što više, od nestrpljenja, skoro da sam ostala bez torte za slikanje  (ono što vidite na slikama iskrojeni su ostaci koje sam uspjela spasiti nakon što su je cure vješto izrezale)  ^__^

Čokoladna torta sa šafranom

* 200 g tamne čokolade (najmanje 50% kakaa)
* 200 g maslaca
* 4 jaja
* 80 g šećera
* 80 g brašna
* 1 žličica praška za pecivo
* 1/2 vrećice šafrana u prahu (cijela vrećica je 0,125 g)
* 50 ml mlijeka
* 3 žumanjaka
* 3 žlica šećera
* 60 ml slatkog marsala vina (ili prošeka)
* na vrh žličice šafrana u prahu

Uključite pećnicu na 180°C.
Kalup za tortu promjera 22-24 cm obložite papirom za pečenje, namastite i pobrašnite (umjesto torte, možete napraviti peći u kalupima za muffine, pa ćete imati pojedinačne tortice).
Nakidajte ili nasjeckajte čokoladu i otopite je u mikrovalnoj ili na pari. Ostavite da se prohladi.
Maslac sobne temperature umutite pjenasto sa šećerom.
I dalje muteći mikserom, dodajte jedno po jedno jaje, a zatim šafran, otopljenu čokoladu i na kraju brašno prosijano s praškom za pecivo.
Dodajte na kraju mlijeko.
Sipajte tijesto u pripremljeni kalup i poravnajte žlicom ili špatulom.
Pecite kolač u zagrijanoj pećnici oko 50 minuta - provjerite drvenim štapićem zabodenim u sredinu, torta treba ostati mekana i sočna.

Izmiješajte žumanjke sa šećerom.
Ulijte u tankom mlazu marsalu i dodajte šafran.
Premjestite smjesu u šerpicu (ili stavite iznad posude s kipućom vodom pa kuhajte na pari) i kuhajte na jako niskoj vatri miješajući pjenjačom ili drvenom žlicom dok se krema ne zgusne i postane pjenasta i mekana. Ako primijetite da se slučajno malo zgrušaju jaja, procijedite kroz gusto cjedilo.

Poslužite tortu uz hladan ili topao zabaione, možete i bez, ali iskreno preporučam kombinaciju

Chocolate Cake with Saffron

07 November, 2011

Chicken Stirfry with Vegetables and Rosemary

Chicken Stirfry with Vegetables and Rosemary

As much as I like complicated things, and enjoy the challenge of preparing them, I often need a quick everyday meal that can be prepared in more or less 30 minutes.
This is just a recipe for those occasions when everyone's starving and I need to be real quick or they'll start eating everything they find on their way or in the fridge, but yet don't have to compromise the taste or serve something boring and dull.
Stirfrys are excellent and delicious. Usually you do everything in just one skillet, but I wanted to save save oil (and to add that little "must complicate" thing) and rather grilled the chicken on a grilling pan - lighter taste, and less fat. The best part, however, at least for me, are the veggies. Cooked shortly, and on a relatively high heat, they are cooked just right, stay crunchy and become much tastier than in a salad.
I hope you too will find an occasion to try this quick and delicious dish, rich and simple at the same time, and that you'll love the flavour orange juice and balsamic vinegar add to it.

Chicken Stirfry with Vegetables and Rosemary

Chicken Stirfry with Vegetables and Rosemary

(4 servings):
* 600-700 g chicken breast (skinless and boneless)
* 2 rosemary twigs
* 1 clove of garlic
* 2 bell peppers (1 yellow and 1 red)
* 1 leek
* 1 zucchini
* juice of 1 orange
* 2 TBspoons balsamic vinegar
* extra virgin olive oil
* salt and pepper

Cut the chicken breasts into strips - first cut into approx. 1 cm thick slices (against the grain) and then half each.
Season the meat with salt and pepper, and oil just slightly.
Heat the grilling pan.
Separate the rosemary leaves from the twigs and chop as finely as possible.
Crush the garlic clove with a knife handle and then clean it.
Wash, clean and chop all the vegetables - peppers, leeks and zucchini (cut the zucchini in half lenghthwise and then into not too  thin slices).

Rosemary  Chicken Stirfry with Vegetables and Rosemary
Grill the chicken on a hot grilling pan for a few minutes, on all sides. Leave the meat in a plate while preparing the vegetables.
Heat 2-3 TBspoons of olive oil in a deep skillet with the garlic clove and the chopped rosemary.
Add the peppers first and stir fry for 5 minutes on medium high heat.
Add the leek and stir fry for 5 more minutes.
Add the zucchini and the grilled chicken strips and stir fry for 3-4 minutes all together.

Chicken Stirfry with Vegetables and Rosemary Chicken Stirfry with Vegetables and Rosemary

Salt to taste, pour in the freshly squeezed orange juice and the balsamic vinegar. Cook for a couple more minutes for almost all the liquid to evaporate.
Serve warm.

Chicken Stirfry with Vegetables and Rosemary

Un piatto veloce da preparare, circa 30-35 minuti in tutto, da mettere in tavola quando avete fretta o un esercito affamato che aspetta la cena. Ma non solo.
Straccetti di pollo saporiti e un misto di verdure croccanti, insaporiti con rosmarino, arancia e aceto balsamico. 
Buon appetito!

Padellata ti pollo e verdure al rosmarino

(per 4 persone):
* 600-700 g di petto di pollo
* 2 rametti di rosmarino
* 1 spicchio d'aglio
* 2 peperoni (1 giallo e 1 rosso)
* 1 porro
* 1 zucchina
* succo di 1 arancia
* 2 cucchiai di aceto balsamico
* olio extra vergine d'oliva
* sale e pepe

Tagliate il petto di pollo prima a fettine in sbieco, nel senso di spessore, e poi tagliate ciascuna fettina a metà. condite la carne con sale, pepe e un filo d'olio. Scaldate bene una bistecchiera.
Staccate gli aghi dai rametti di rosmarino e tritateli finemente.
Schiacciate e pelate lo spicchio d'aglio.
Pulite tutte le verdure, lavatele e asciugatele. Tagliate il porro a rondelle, i peperoni a piccole losanghe, la zucchina a metà nel senso della lunghezza e poi a fettine non troppo sottili.
Grigliate i straccetti di pollo sulla bistecchiera calda per qualche minuto, girandoli con una spatola. Trasferiteli in un piatto e teneteli al caldo.
Soffriggete l'aglio e il rosmarino tritato in una padella con 2-3 cucchiai di olio d'oliva. 
Aggiungete i peperoni e cuoceteli per 5 minuti.
Unite i porri e proseguite la cottura per altri 5 minuti.
Infine unite la zucchina e il pollo, aggiustate di sale e saltate tutto a fuoco vivo per 3-4 minuti.
Irrorate con il succo dell'arancia filtrata e l'aceto balsamico. Lasciate evaporare parte dell'liquido e servite caldo.

Chicken Stirfry with Vegetables and Rosemary

Brza i jednostavna priprema sigurno će vas privući kod ovog recepta, a za nagradu dobit ćete ukusne pileće trakice i krokantni miks povrća sve obogaćeno ružmarinom, narančom i balzamičnim octom. 
Kušajte i uživajte.
Dobar tek!

Piletina s povrćem i ružmarinom

(za 4 osobe):
* 600-700 g pilećih prsa (bez kože i kostiju)
* 2 grančice ružmarina
* 1 češanj bijelog luka
* 2 paprike (1 crvena i 1 žuta)
* 1 poriluk
* 1 tikvica
* 1 naranča (iscijeđeni sok)
* 2 žlice balzamičnog octa
* maslinovo ulje
* sol i papar

Meso narežite na trakice - prvo narežite na ploške po širini, a zatim svaku plošku na pola.
Posolite i popaprite meso po ukusu. Malo ga nauljite.
Zagrijte gril tavu.
Listiće ružmarina odvojite od grančica i sitno nasjeckajte.
Češanj bijelog luka prvo malo pritisnite drškom noža, a onda ga očistite.
Operite i očistite povrće.
Paprike narežite na komadiće, poriluk na kolutiće, a tikvicu prvo prerežite na pola po dužini, a zatim na ne previše tanke ploškice.
Ispecite meso na dobro zagrijanoj gril tavi.
Izvadite ga na tanjur i držite na toplom.
Možete također umjesto na gril tavi, meso popržiti u tavi na ulju, izvaditi ga, a onda nastaviti s pripremom povrća kao što je opisano u sljedećem koraku.
Zagrijte 2-3 žlice maslinovog ulja u dubokoj tavi zajedno s češnjakom i sitno nasjeckanim ružmarinom.
Dodajte prvo paprike i pirjajte ih 5 minuta na srednje jakoj vatri miješajući često.
Dodajte zatim poriluk i pirjajte još 5 minuta.
Umiješajte na kraju tikvice i meso. Pirjajte još 3-4 minute.
Dosolite, ulijte filtrirani svježe iscijeđeni sok naranče i balzamični ocat. Kratko još propirjajte da dio tekućine ispari (1-2 minute), maknite s vatre i poslužite.