27 February, 2011

To wake up sweetly...

Caramel swirl brownies
Sunday morning, and you wish you could stay in bed until noon... but no, the sweet little voice is calling you from her bed, "Mommy, shall we wake up?" ... Oh, I guess you already are awake, or you wouldn't be calling me ^__^
If there's something that consoled me in that moment, it was the box of the yummiest, most delicious, moist and extremely chocolaty brownies. I've been eating them slowly, trying to make them last, although it's the hardest job ever.
Give your day a real chocolate kick with these, or enjoy with a cup of espresso after lunch.
But when the little devil sits on my shoulder, I cut them into very tiny pieces and mix into Caramel ice cream...
Caramel swirl brownies

Caramel swirl brownies

150 g butter
200 g dark chocolate, divided
2 eggs
175 g muscovado sugar
55 g flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
55 g chopped toasted hazelnuts or walnuts
4-6 spoonfulls of Dulce de leche or caramel

Prepare a square cake pan, 20x20cm, line it with baking paper, grease and dust with flour.
Melt 55 g of chocolate and the butter together in the microwave or over a pan of simmering water and let cool a little.
Beat the eggs and the sugar with an electric mixer until pale and fluffy.
Add the flour, mixed with the baking powder and sifted together, mixing on low speed.
Then add the chocolate-butter mixture and beat well until well combined.
Chop roughly the rest of chocolate and the nuts and stir them into the batter with a wooden spoon.
Pour the batter into the prepared pan and level with a spoon.
Spoon the Dulce the leche or caramel over the top and just lightly stir into the batter creating sort of marble effect.
Bake the cake in the oven preheated to 180°C for about 30 minutes, until the toothpick inserted in the middle comes out dry - mind you however that the cake should be baked but stay moist, so don't overbake it.
Remove the cake from the pan lifting it together with the baking paper and let cool completely before cutting it into squares.

Caramel swirl brownies
You may want to take a walk at this point as the temptation to cut it and swallow a few pieces while it's still hot is too big ^__^

Caramel swirl brownies
Caramel swirl brownies (Brownies al caramello)

150 g burro
200 g di cioccolato fondente
2 uova
175 g di zucchero di canna (muscovado)
55 g di farina "00"
1 cucchiaino di lievito in polvere
55 g di nocciole tostate e spezzettate
4-6 cucchiai di Dulce de leche o caramello pronto

Sciogliete 55 g di cioccolato insieme al burro nel forno a microonde o a bagno maria, e lasciate intiepidire.
Sbattete le uova con lo zucchero fino a farle diventare chiare e spumose.
Aggiungete la farina mescolata al lievito continuando a mescolare a velocità bassa.
Unite alla fine il burro con il cioccolato fuso e lavorate bene con le fruste fino a ottenere un composto omogeneo.
Aggiungete il resto di cioccolato tagliato a pezzetti e le nocciole (o noci) spezzettate, mescolando con un cucchiaio.
Versate l'impasto in uno stampo quadrato (20x20 cm) ricoperto con la carta da forno, imburrato e infarinato.
Distribuite il dulce de leche o caramello sulla superficie mescolandolo leggermente con l'impasto base (creando una specie di effetto marmorizzato).
Infornate il dolce per circa 30 minuti nel forno già caldo, a 180°C. Controllate se il dolce è cotto inserendo uno stuzzicadenti al centro - deve uscire asciutto, ma il dolce non deve asciugarsi troppo, deve rimanere morbido e umido.
Toglietelo dallo stampo alzandolo insieme alla carta e lasciatelo raffreddare completamente prima di tagliarlo a quadratini.

Caramel swirl brownies
Caramel swirl brownies (Brownies s karamelom)

150 g maslaca
200 g tamne čokolade
2 jaja
175 g smeđeg šećera
55 g brašna
1 žličica praška za pecivo
55 g nasjeckanih lješnjaka ili oraha
4-6 žlica gotovog karamela ili Dulce de leche

Uključite pećnicu na 180°C.
Pripremite četvrtasti pleh promjera 20x20 cm - namažite ga maslacem i pospite brašnom, ili obložite papirom za pečenje.
Otopite 55 g čokolade s maslacem na pari ili u mikrovalnoj, i ostavite da se prohladi.
Ostatak čokolade grubo nasjeckajte, kao i lješnjake, (izrezala sam svaki na 4 dijela)
Umutite jaja sa šećerom dok ne postanu pjenasta.
Dodajte brašno prosijano s praškom za pecivo, a zatim i otopljenu čokoladu s maslacem.
Izmutite opet dok se sve dobro ne sjedini.
Umiješajte žlicom nasjeckanu čokoladu i orahe (/lješnjake) u smjesu i istresite u pripremljeni pleh.
Stavite odozgor žlicom karamel ili dulce de leche.
Lagano samo umiješajte karamel u tijesto kao da radite mramorni uzorak.
Stavite peći u zagrijanu pećnicu oko 30 minuta, otprilike dok ne primijetite da se tijesto počinje skupljati prema unutra. Za browniese je važno da ostanu vlažni, stoga ih nemojte prepeći.
Kad se kolač ohladi, izrezati ga na kocke.

Caramel swirl brownies

Family news:
on  16th Feb, my big princess turned seven, and of course she had a birthday party with her friends.
She decided she wanted a Hello Kitty cake, and I really wanted to try my hand on Hello Kitty cake pops that I saw over at Bakerella. They were really cute, and while the girls went "Ohhhhhhhhhh" the boys shouted "Burn Hello Kitty! Burn Hello Kitty!"
Anyway, these are the only photos I have. The cake itself was extremely delicious and got yummiest comments in the world. It's a chocolate cake with white chocolate pastry cream between the layers, and chocolate ganache on top (dark and white chocolate ganache painted pink), with white chocolate wrap, painted pink, of course ^__^

Hello Kitty Birthday cake

Hello Kitty cupcakes

12 February, 2011

Love yourself first

ACE juice with honey
It's again "that" weekend of the year. Everyone's in love. Red hearts and sweet "love you" messages everywhere.
I'm not a "non-romantic" or "Valentine's day hater", but I don't care much about it either. Ohhhhhhh, yes, I love to receive a little attention like everyone else, but not in the form of a useless dust-collecting gift and once a year only, I love to be loved every single moment/hour/day of the year.
But what I wanted to say today is "love yourself in the first place, to be able to love everyone else". Being a wife, a mother, takes up a lot of energy. I often feel squeezed out like those orange or lemon skins.
I've chosen to care about myself and love myself through the food I take.  And not everyone understands that. You'll rarely find ready-to-use, pre-packaged food in my home. I know, it is in a way a luxury a stay-at-home mom can afford, but if you think about it carefully, it really isn't. Don't try convincing me that frozen soup tastes just as good as the homemade one (my MIL has tried often ^__^), I don't buy it.
Preparing something fresh and from scratch doesn't necessarily mean you need to spend hours cooking. It's all about love, folks. And good organization. And if you only think about how much time an avarage person spends in front of a TV, you'll definitely discover there's plenty of time to dedicate to a healthy meal as well.
And here I want to come to another point. Very often we convince ourselves that we hate certain food, ingredients, products. And very often I've come to a conclusion, that it applies almost exclusively to industrial products. Try making that same food at home with fresh ingredients and you may actually discover you love it.
One of "those cases" for me was ACE juice - carrot, orange, lemon. I simply couldn't imagine drinking something tasting so horrible (yes, I've actually tasted it), even knowing it contained A-C-E vitamins. But also knowing that storebought fruit juices have as the largest portion of ingredients sugar and water, while fruit itself arrives perhaps to 30%, was never convincing. Lazyness, being always at hand, ready to be drunk, that's what I think convinces many people to buy and drink them. Not me.
It really takes no time, less then 5 minutes, once a day to drink a glass of vitamins, to love yourself.
And this one, trust me, tastes more than DELICIOUS.
And, to love myself even more, I used only organic ingredients ^__^

ACE juice with honey
ACE juice with honey
(1 serving):

1 carrot
1 orange
1/2 grapefruit
1/2 lemon
1 TBspoon honey
1/2 teaspoon soy lecithin*

Carefully wash and peel the carrot. Slice it thinly (I used a mandolin).
Put the sliced carrot into your blender cup, add the squeezed orange, grapefruit and lemon juices, the honey and the lecithin.
Add a few crashed ice cubes and blend everything well for a minute or two until smooth.
Pour into a glass and drink. Do not let it sit around or you'll lose the vitamins.

*Soy lecithin is rich in Vitamin E, and it has antioxidant proprieties. There are studies that show soy-derived lecithin has significant effects on lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, while increasing HDL ("good cholesterol") levels in the blood. It helps improve your memory and cognitive capabilities.

ACE juice with honey
ACE al miele
(per 1 persona):

1 carota
1 arancia
1/2 pompelmo
1/2 limone
1 cucchiaio di miele di millefiori
1/2 cucchiaino di lecitina di soia*

Lavate e pelate la carota. Tagliatela a rondelle sottili.
Unite nel bicchiere del frullatore la carota, i succhi spremuti dell'arancia, limone e pompelmo, il miele e la lecitina. Aggiungete qualche cubetto di ghiaccio spezzettato.
Frullate per un minuto o due e consumatelo subito perché non perda le vitamine.

*LECITINA DI SOIA: La Lecitina di Soia è ottimale per il trattamento delle malattie cardiovascolari avendo effetto su livelli di colesterolo cattivo alti o con un coefficiente HDL/LDL squilibrato. Molti studi riconoscono che il consumo di Lecitina di Soia sia efficace nella riduzione del colesterolo cattivo. Limita l’infiltrazione dei grassi nel fegato e l’esposizione epatica a sostanze nocive.
Contiene la vitamina E, e ha le proprietà antiossidanti.
Studi recenti hanno dimostrato che la Fosfatidilserina (sostanza di cui è ricca la lecitina di soia) migliora la memoria e la capacità cognitiva.

ACE juice with honey
S ovim receptom sudjelujem u ovomjesečnom krugu igre Ajme koliko nas je, čija je domaćica ovaj mjesec Aleksandra, s bloga Sweet food,  odabrala kao temu MED.

ACE sok s medom
(za 1 osobu):

1 mrkva
1 naranča
1/2 grejpfruta
1/2 limuna
1 žlica cvjetnog ili livadskog meda
1/2 žličice sojinog lecitina*

Dobro operite i ogulite mrkvu. Narežite je na tanke kolutiće (ja sam to napravila za čas na ribež za kupus).
Stavite u čašu blendera mrkvu, iscijeđene sokove naranče, limuna (procijedite da odstranite sjemenke) i grejpfruta (ako ne volite grejp, stavite sok dvije naranče).
Dodajte med i sojin lecitin. Po želji dodajte i 2-3 kockice leda ako želite svježi napitak.
Izmiksajte sve dobro 1-2 minute, uspite u čašu i popijte odmah da ne izgubite vitamine.

*SOJIN LECITIN: sadrži vitamin E e ima antioksidantna svojstva. Mnogi studiji pokazali su njegovu efikasnost na smanjenje kolesterola (onog "lošeg", ne smanjujući razinu "dobrog") i triglicerida. Ograničava infltracije masnoće u jetru. Poboljšava pamćenje i kognitivne sposobnosti.

ACE juice with honey

09 February, 2011

Qui... What?... Quinoa and quinori, of course

Quinori and broccoli dish

Every time I enter my local health store, I get an irresistible urge to buy all sorts of stuff that I can't normally find at the supermarkets.
On one of those trips, and after having read a lot about quinoa, I bought several packages: (regular, white) quinoa, red quinoa, tri-colored (red, black and white) quinoa, and this mixture called quinori, that looked quite interesting. It is a mix of red quinoa (30%), white quinoa, partially cooked whole grain rice, crushed chickpeas and sesami seeds.
Now, you can imagine, not everybody in my family shares my love for healthy and different food, so I mostly cook it for lunch when I'm alone at home. And this stuff lasts...
The other day I found an interesting recipe for Quinoa burger. It looked so inviting, I made them within a few days, and they were gorgeous. Even my husband loved them ("Qui... what? Never mind, they are very good").
I'll definitely make them again, and then share the recipe with you.
The idea to develop the recipe furtherly, however, brought me to create this dish using the above mentioned quinori mixture and adding some more vegetables like broccoli. And instead of making patties and frying them in a skillet, I made one dish that could be baked and therefore a little bit healthier. Of course, if you don't have quinori, but quinoa is available to you, you can sub that, and also use your imagination and tastes to add various other ingredients, like different vegetables or spices of your choice. I'm thinking of adding some mushrooms to the broccoli, for example.
It is an ovo-lacto vegetarian and also gluten-free dish.
If you often get tired of eating meat, like me, this is an excellent alternative.

Quinori and broccoli dish

Quinori and broccoli dish
(2 servings)

1/2 cup quinori
50 g ricotta cheese
25 g feta cheese
25 g grated Parmigiano cheese
1 egg
1 scallion (green onion)
1 carrot
1 small head of broccoli
gomasio (or salt), pepper
Extra virgin olive oil

Put the quinori into a fine mesh sieve and rinse well under running water.
Put it in a saucepan with twice as much water (1 cup), bring to a boil and cook covered for about 15 minutes on moderate heat, until almost all water has been absorbed. Let it cool completely.
Divide the broccoli head into small florets and cook them for not more than 5 minutes in a pot of boiling, salted water. Drain and set aside.
Lightly whisk the egg in a mixing bowl, add all three types of cheese, the ricotta, the crumbled feta and the grated parmigiano.
Mix well and then stir in the finely grated carrot, finely chopped scallion and the cooked quinori. Season to taste, with ground gomasio (or salt) and pepper.
Mix everything to get a relativly smooth mixture.
Line a small baking dish (mine was 18x14 cm) with wet (well squeezed) baking paper, drizzled with EVOO.
Spread half of the quinori mixture on the bottom of the dish, top it with the broccoli florets, and finish with the rest of the quinori and cheese mixture.
Drizzle with a little EVOO and sprinkle with sesami seeds.
Bake in an oven preheated to 180°C for about 25-30 minutes.
Serve warm with a salad of your choice, and a light sauce like tzatziki.

Quinori and broccoli dish

Sformato di quinori e broccoli
(per 2 persone)

1/2 tazza di quinori
50 g di ricotta
25 g di feta
25 g di parmigiano grattugiato
1 uovo
1 cipollotto
1 carota
1 piccolo broccolo
gomasio (o sale), pepe
olio extra vergine d'oliva

Mettete il quinori in un colino a maglie fitte e sciaquatelo sotto l'acqua corrente.
Cuocetelo aggiungendo 1 tazza di acqua per 15 minuti, coperto a fuoco moderato, finché si sarà asciugata quasi tutta l'acqua. Lasciatelo raffreddare.
Staccate le cimette dei broccoli dal loro fusto, quindi lavatele e lessatele per 5 minuti in acqua salata, quindi scolatele.
In una ciotola sbattete leggermente l'uovo e mescolatelo con la ricotta, il parmigiano grattugiato e il feta sbriciolato.
Unite al composto di uovo e formaggi la carota grattugiata, il cipollotto tagliato finemente e il quinori freddo. Mescolate bene e condite con il gomasio (o sale) e pepe.
In una pirofila (la mia era 18x14 cm), coperta con la carta da forno, bagnata e strizzata bene, e poi unta con un po' di olio EVO, stendete metà del composto di quinori.
Distribuite i broccoli divisi in cimette piccolissime, e coprite con il resto del composto di quinori.
Cospargete la superficie con un filo d'olio e i semi di sesamo.
Infornate per circa 25-30 minuti nel forno preriscaldato a 180°C.
Servite lo sformato caldo accompagnandolo con l'insalata a piacere, ma anche con una salsina tipo tzatziki.

QUINORI e una miscela di quinoa rossa, quinoa bianca, riso integrale precotto, ceci e semi di sesamo. Potete comprarlo nei negozi di NaturaSì.

Quinori and broccoli dish

Složenac od quinorija i brokule
(za 2 osobe)
1/2 šalice (125 ml) quinorija
50 g ricotte
25 g fete
25 g naribanog parmezana
1 jaje
1 mladi luk
1 mrkva
1 mala glavica brokule
gomasio (ili sol), papar
ekstra djevičansko maslinovo ulje

Stavite quinori u gusto cjedilo i isperite pod mlazom vode. Stavite ga u posudu za kuhanje i dodajte dvostruku količinu vode (1 šalicu). Kuhajte poklopljeno na laganoj vatri oko 15 minuta, dok se skoro sasvim ne osuši. Ostavite da se ohladi.
Brokulu podijelite na cvatiće i kuhajte 5 minuta u ključaloj, malo posoljenoj vodi. Ocijedite je.
Pomiješajte u zdjeli malo razmućeno jaje s ricottom, parmezanom i namrvljenom fetom.
Dodajte smjesi sitno naribanu mrkvu, sitno nasjeckan mladi luk i ohlađeni quinori. Dodajte gomasio (ili sol ako ga nemate) i popaprite po ukusu.
Obložite dno vatrostalne posude (moja je 18x14 cm) navlaženim i dobro ocijeđenim papirom za pečenje. Nauljite dno pa rasporedite polovicu smjese od quinorija.
Preko nje rasporedite na što manje cvjetiće podijeljenu brokulu, a preko brokule ostatak smjese od quinorija.
Pospite s vrlo malo ulja i sjemenkama sezama (ja nisam, ali bilo bi bolje prvo ih malo popržiti nasuho u tavi) i zapecite oko 25-30 minuta u pećnici zagrijanoj na 180°C.
Poslužite toplo uz salatu po želji, i po želji uz umak poput tzatzikija.

QUINORI je mješavina crvene quinoe (30%), bijele quinoe, (djelomično kuhane) integralne riže, razlomljenog slanutka i sjemenki sezama.
Ako ne možete naći ovu mješavinu zamijenite je quinoom, koju sigurna sam možete naći u svim trgovinama zdrave hrane.

Quinori and broccoli dish

07 February, 2011

Apple dessert with clementines

Apple dessert with clementines
Usually when preparing a recipe I'm thinking how I can make it "lighter", less fat, less sweet etc. Well this time I took an opposite direction. But I think this dessert is still lighter than many other you can find out there, but tasty and refreshing at the same time. Fruit based, soft and fluffy, an indulging way to finish a nice evening meal after a hard day, don't you think?
What did I do to it to make it "heavier" you may wonder. Well, the recipe was using whipped egg whites instead of whipped cream. Honestly, I've tried that a few times, but it's not something I enjoyed much. So I definitely opted for whipped cream. To make it even tastier I added a little of that gorgeous Lemon Orange Curd I made. If you've never tried adding a citrus curd to whipped heavy cream, I highly recomend it. Delicious.
The original recipe that inspired me to prepare this dessert comes from a Cucina Naturale magazine (february issue).

Apple dessert with clementines
Apple dessert with clementines
(2 servings)

1 clementine
2 apples
100 ml heavy cream
2 TBspoons brown sugar
1 TBspoon Lemon Orange Curd
a piece of cinnamon stick
1 TBspoon powdered sugar (if necessary)

Cut both apples into 8 pieces each, remove the core and peel them unless you are sure your apples are organic.
Put the apples into a heavy bottom saucepan with brown sugar, cinnamon stick and 2 TBspoons water. Cook covered for 10-15 minutes on medium heat until the apples are soft and all the liquid has evaporated.
Let the apples cool, remove the cinnamon stick and then purèe them in a blender or using a stick blender until smooth.
Whip the heavy cream adding powdered sugar if you like it sweeter, mix in the Lemon Orange curd.
Add a teaspoon of grated clementine zest and the whipped cream to the apples and stir well, but with gentle moves.
Distribute the dessert into two glasses or dessert cups and refrigerate for 1/2 an hour.
Peel and segment the clementine. Place the pieces of clementine on top of your glasses and serve.
Simple, light and refreshing.

Apple dessert with clementines
Dessert soffice di mele e clementine
(per 2 persone)

1 clementina
2 mele
100 ml di panna fresca
2 cucchiai di zucchero di canna
1 cucchiaio di Lemon Orange Curd
1 pezzettino di bastoncino di cannella
1 cucchiaio di zucchero in polvere (se necessario)

Tagliate le mele in 8 parti uguali, togliete i semi, lasciando la buccia se usate le mele non trattate, altrimenti sbucciatele.
Mettete le mele in una casseruola col fondo spesso, aggiungete lo zucchero di canna, la cannella e 2 cucchiai d'acqua. Cuocete coperto per 10-15 minuti, finché le mele diventino morbide e facendo asciugare completamente il liquido di cottura.
Lasciatele raffreddare, togliete la cannella e poi frullatele e mescolatele con un cucchiaino di scorza grattugiata di clementina.
Montate la panna a neve ferma. Mescolatela con 1 cucchiaio di Lemon Orange curd, e aggiungendo 1 cucchiaio di zucchero a velo se vi piace più dolce.
Unite la panna alle mele, mescolate bene con movimenti delicati e distribuite in due bicchieri o coppette.
Lasciate il dessert in frigorifero per 1/2 ora. Decorate con le fettine di clementina (pelate al vivo) e servite. A piacere decorate con pinoli o mandorle tostate.

Apple dessert with clementines
Pjenasti desert od jabuka s klementinama
(za 2 osobe)

1 klementina
2 jabuke
100 ml slatkog vrhnja (za šlag)
2 žlice smeđeg šećera
1 žlica lemon orange curda
komadić štapića cimeta
1 žlica šećera u prahu (po potrebi)

Izrežite svaku jabuku na 8 dijelova i odstranite sjemenke. Ako su vam jabuke neprskane nemojte ih guliti, u suprotnom ogulite i kožicu.
Stavite očišćene jabuke u posudu s debljim dnom, dodajte cimet, šećer i 2 žlice vode.
Poklopite i kuhajte na umjerenoj vatri 10-15 minuta da jabuke omekšaju i sva tekućina ispari.
Ostavite jabuke da se ohlade, izvadite cimet, a zatim ih smrvite u kašu štapnim mikserom ili u blenderu i dodajte žličicu naribane korice klementine.
Umutite čvrst šlag od vrhnja. Dodajte šećera u prahu ako volite slađe, naročito ako koristite svježe, a ne (već zaslađeno) biljno vrhnje. Umiješajte lemon orange curd u vrhnje, a zatim dodajte vrhnje jabukama i rasporedite dobivenu kremu u 2 čaše ili zdjelice.
Ostavite da se rashladi 1/2 sata u hladnjaku.
Rasporedite očišćene (filetirane) kriške klementine na vrh čaša. Po želji pospite još poprženim, nasjeckanim bademima ili pinjolima i poslužite.

06 February, 2011

Lemon Orange Curd... Trying to get back on track

Lemon Orange Curd
The beginning of this year has been pretty lame. I'm continuously feeling ailments of all sorts, from backackes, stomackaches to colds, flu, etc. Although, this is not the right excuse for my absence from this blog. I have been cooking, and a lot, challenging myself more than once (from homemade tortelloni to croissants, all perfectly successful), but when it comes to writing, I get no inspiration at all.
Moreover, last week we had extremely cold weather, I tried convincing myself there are beautiful sides of it, too, but not so successfully.
As it often happens, in low moments, when my mood is lower then down, I search for inspiration in colours. And it is amazing how winter fruit, like lemons and oranges, can bring light and sunshine in terribly grey and monochromatic winter days.
It was a long time that I wanted to make lemon curd. I searched the web for a "perfect" recipe, and it wasn't easy finding the way out of that jungle. All sorts of recipes: I definitely discarded the ones using starch; then deciding whether butter should be added at the beginning or once the cream was cooked, whether to use whole eggs or only egg yolks... Well, I was pretty confused until I ran into the recipe on Labna, a blog that I definitely feel I can trust, and that is the recipe I started from. I only halved it and in the last moment decided I wanted to use a mix of lemon and orange instead of lemon only, and consequently added just a little less sugar, because oranges are sweeter than lemons.
I'm totally satisfied with this recipe, and I don't think I need any other.
If I don't fall into deep sleep again, in the following days/weeks I'll show you a few ways to use it, besides eating it with a spoon, straight from a jar.
Till then, be good, and if you feel sad, make some Lemon Orange Curd ^__^

Lemon Orange Curd
Lemon Orange Curd
(recipe adapted from HERE)

1 lemon (organic)
1 orange (organic)
150 g sugar
65 g butter
2 eggs

Grate the zest from both, the lemon and the orange, previously washed and dried, and then squeeze and filter the juice as well.
Put the zests, the juice, the sugar, the lightly beaten eggs and the chopped butter in a heat resistant bowl, and place it over a slightly bigger saucepan with simmering water.
Warm up the mixture stirring constantly until all the ingredients have melted and it's homogeneous.
Continue cooking for 20-25 minutes, stirring and not letting the mixture boil, until the curd is dense enough to coat the back of the spoon thickly.
Strain the curd now through a fine mash sieve to remove the zests and pour it into a small jar. Close the jar once the curd is completely cold and refrigerate for up to 2-3 weeks.

Lemon Orange Curd
Lemon Orange Curd
(ricetta adattata da Labna)

1 limone (non trattato)
1 arancia (non trattata)
150 g di zucchero
65 g di burro
2 uova

Grattugiate la scorza di limone e arancia dopo averli lavati bene con una spazzola e asciugati (solo la parte superficiale, gialla e arancione).
Spremete poi e filtrate il succo di tutti e due agrumi.
Mettete le scorze, il succo, lo zucchero, le uova leggermente sbattute e il burro tagliato a pezzettini in una ciotola resistente al calore. Ponetela sopra un contenitore con l'acqua che sobbolle e cominciate a scaldare il tutto mescolando, finche tutti gli ingredienti non si siano sciolti completamente e la massa diventi omogenea.
Continuate poi a cuocere il composto dolcemente senza farlo bollire per circa 20-25 minuti mescolando, finché il curd cominci a velare il dorso del cucchiaio in maniera consistente.
Filtratelo poi attraverso un colino a maglie fitte per rimuovere le zeste e versatelo in un barattolo di vetro. Chiudete il barattolo quando il curd è completamente freddo e ponetelo in frigorifero. Si conserva per circa 2-3 settimane.

Lemon Orange Curd
Lemon Orange Curd
(recept prilagođen od ovoga)

1 limun (neprskani, bio)
1 naranča (neprskana)
150 g šećera
65 g maslaca
2 jaja

Naribajte korice limuna i naranče (samo gornji, žuti odnosno narančasti sloj), a zatim iscijedite sok i filtrirajte ga kroz gusto mrežasto cjedilo.
Stavite sok, korice, šećer, malo razmućena jaja i maslac narezan na listiće u posudu koju postavite iznad veće posude s vodom.
Zagrijavajte miješajući dok se šećer i maslac ne istopite i smjesa ne ujednači. Neka voda ispod lagano ključa.
Nastavite kuhati oko 20-25 minuta stalno miješujući, smjesa ne treba provreti već se lagano kuhati dok se ne zgusne.
Procijedite gotovu kremu kroz gusto mrežasto cjedilo da odstranite korice.
Uspite curd u staklenku i spremite u hladnjak.
Čuvajte ga oko 2-3 tjedna.
Od ove količine sastojaka dobila sam jednu manju staklenku kreme.